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Lepu Medical IVD market promotion in Iran
Lepu Medical promoted In Vitro Diagnostic products in Iran

December 14 to 17, 2015, Lepu In Vitro Diagnostic Products (IVD) workshop was held in Teheran, Iran, conducted by Lepu Medical International Marketing & Sales Department. The workshop of IVD products, mainly focused on Lepu Quant 800 Immunity Quantitative Reader System (Brand Name: Leccurate
TM). Staffs from partner companies in Teheran and its subordinate partners came to the workshop, listened attentively and discussed the scientific theories of Leccurate TM, as well as operation procedures and related precautions.

IVD workshop begins!

 Zhang interpreted the scientific theories of Leccurate TM, detailed instructions and notes.




In the next few days, accompanied by local partner staffs, colleagues of International Marketing & Sales Department visited three hospitals in Teheran specialized in cardiac disease diagnosis and therapy and introduced Leccurate TM POCT machine to cardiologists and doctors of clinical laboratory.

Doctors and department leaders highly praised the performance and quality of Lepu IVD products, and they showed great interest in testing device of cardiac biomarkers. 

Product introduction to cardiologists.


 Photographs with doctors in department of cardiology and clinical laboratory.


The workshop and visit to hospitals both had very excellent effects. Local partners and doctors could achieve in-depth comprehension of Lepu Medical, IVD products and innovations. Meanwhile, Lepu could obtain the IVD sales status in Iran and formulate a more detailed plan of product promotion, which could form a solid foundation for IVD products in Iran.

About Lepu Medical 
Lepu Medical has gradually formed global sales and marketing capabilities since 2009. Today, Lepu has established two branches located in the Netherlands and Turkey, and one office in India. Taking these three countries as regional hubs, Lepu has developed its overseas sales & distribution network to approximate 80 countries, obtaining local registration in more than 24 countries. More than 35 products received CE certificate and 6 products got FDA approval.
Upholding “Forever innovation, Forever care” as its spirit, Lepu Medical dedicates to serve all medical personnel and patients that aiming to build the first class international brand on both products and services.

 SOURCE: Lepu Medical International Sales & Marketing Department
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