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Visit to Jiangsu Brightness company and training of surgical staplers
From December 16th to 18th, 2015, while three regional managers and one product manager of Lepu Medical International Marketing & Sales Department visited Jiangsu Brightness Medical Device Co., Ltd.

In Changzhou, Jiangsu, they were warmly welcomed by Ms. Chen, the Sales Executive and Ms. Shen, the Manager of International Trade. In addition, Ms. Chen and Ms. Shen introduced their corporation and their primary products.
In the presentation, combined with clinical situation and practical application, Ms. Chen illustrated a detailed description and comparison of the major products including Disposable Linear Stapler, Circular Stapler, Hemorrhoids Stapler and Curved Cutter Stapler et al, and selection principles and manipulating methods of staplers in different tissues. Ms. Chen also analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of their products compared with competitors’ and the trends of the surgical stapler market, providing a more unique and comprehensive viewpoint and broadening everyone's perspective.
After the training, accompanied by production workers, colleagues of Lepu Medical visited the manufacturing workshop, such as the mold department, production department, packing department and sterilization department. Each department was operating in good order, and full-inspection of binding process in stapler production by recorder monitoring was required, in order to ensure no leakage of nails occurred.




Jiangsu Brightness Company is a leading company in domestic surgical device market, and it has been adopting advanced technology and management strategy, improving and updating products for 9 years in order to provide more efficient and safe medical device for doctors and patients. The three days’ visit to Jiangsu Brightness is a great opportunity for us to learn more about surgical device and another company, which creates a foundation for cooperation in the future.
About Jiangsu Brightness
Founded in May 2006, Jiangsu Brightness Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is a joint venture enterprise in total investment capital of USD 30 million. Brightness adopts international advanced technology and management in researching, developing, manufacturing and selling rehabilitation devices, test reagent, orthopedics and surgical operation devices. Brightness has already received CE and ISO 13485 certificate, and now is applying for FDA certificate. From 2015, Brightness joined Lepu Medical Group to be a subsidiary company in order to cooperate in the future.
About Lepu Medical
Lepu Medical has gradually formed global sales and marketing capabilities since 2009. Today, Lepu has established two branches located in the Netherlands and Turkey, and one office in India. Taking these three countries as regional hubs, Lepu has developed its overseas sales & distribution network to approximate 80 countries, obtaining local registration in more than 24 countries. More than 35 products received CE certificate and 6 products got FDA approval.
Upholding “Forever innovation, Forever care” as its spirit, Lepu Medical dedicates to serve all medical personnel and patients that aiming to build the first class international brand on both products and services.
SOURCE: Lepu Medical International Sales & Marketing Department
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