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Shanghai Shape Memory Alloy Co., Ltd (SHSMA)

SHSMA was established in 1994. It is specializing on the medical devices for congenital heart diseases, including MemoPartTM ASD, VSD, PDA, PFO, Plug occluders, delivery system and snare.

Beijing Star Medical Devices Co., Ltd (STAR MEDICAL)

Beijing Star Medical Devices Co., Ltd., established in 1997, is devoted itself into the R&D and manufacturing of prosthetic heart valve. With more than ten years endeavors, company has had stabilized core production technological platform for mechanical heart valve manufacturing. The annual production capacity is above 20 thousand pieces. Star Medical has become the largest manufacturer of bi-leaflet heart valve in Asia.

Beijing Target Medical Technologies, Ltd (Target Medical)

Beijing Target Medical Technologies, Ltd works on critical care and anesthetic products, including SafecathTM Central Venous Catheter Kit, Dialysis Catheter, Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter, Blood Pressure Transducer, Guidewire, etc.

Lepu Science & Technology Co., Ltd (LEPU TECHNOLOGY)

Lepu Science & Technology Co., Ltd. engages in the development and production of cardiovascular IVD products, including Immunity Quantitative Reader System, Thrombelastography Hemostasis Analyzer System, hs-CRP One Step Test Cassette, h-FABP One Step Test Cassette, cTnI One Step Test Cassette, D-dimer One Step Test Cassette, NT-proBNP One Step Test Cassette, CK-MB One Step Test Cassette, etc.

Shaanxi Qinming Medical Co., Ltd (QINMING MEDICAL)

Qinming Medical, one of the joint stock company of Lepu Group, focuses on the manufacturing and sales of cardiac pacemaker and relevant medical devices.

Lepu Medical Equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd (LEPU EQUIPEMNT)

Lepu Equipemnt develops and manufactures Digital Subtraction Angiography System. It provides comprehensive solution for interventional disease treatment.

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