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Product Features

Support Segment

Precise torque control Promotes accurate tip placement and engagement regardless of access site.


Soft Radiopaque Tip

Soft, flexible and atraumatic tip designed to minimize the risk of complications to the vessel and offer visuality for trauma measurement.


Balanced Performance Design

Strong support

·  Mixture nylon provides string support and reduced friction to vessels.

·  Robust secondary curve provides backup support and curve retention.


Greater deliverability

·  Wire braid offers outstanding flexibility with kink resistance and accurate torque to placement and operation.

·  Outer nylon and middle wire braid provide exceptional hub to tip radiopacity and enhanced pushability through tortuous anatomy (ultra-long stent system deliverability and CTO, etc.).


Large Lumen Design

·  Large lumens to maximize contrast flow for enhanced visualization.

·  Deliver multi-devices (Balloons, stents, etc.) Smoothly even through tortuous anatomy.

·  PTEF inner layer reduces friction and offers greater staying power with improved compatibility.


Kink Resistant Segment

Excellent kink resistance to ensure backup support and curve retention for delivering large devices during challenging cases.


Coaxial Segment


Soft segment allows to actively engage the catheter for superior device delivery.


Tip Shapes

Multiple tip shapes and special body design provide strong support and passive support, easy for placement, long delivery system to complex lesions designed for multiple instruments.




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