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Gold -standard Care for Hemostasis Management



Why we make CFMSTM


· Provide comprehensive whole blood hemostasis testing that can help assess bleeding and thrombotic risks.

· Monitor antithrombotic therapies.

· Help facilitate your understanding of hemorrhagic or thrombotic risk so you can deliver more targeted treatment.

· Through the use of the Platelet Mapping Assay, the device can help provide a picture ("tracking") of your patient's potential response to antiplatelet therapy relative to their overall hemostasis.

· Two independent sample channels for a variety of of tests.


Technical Specifications



· Two (2) independent measuring channels per analyzer, up to eight (8) channels per computer 

· Cables included; software sold separately

· Cupdrive - Line-synchronized, with synchronous motor

· Temperature control - Individual temperature control for each channel

· Measuring technique - Shear elasticity of a coagulating sample, determined by motion of the pin 

· Transducer - Electrical-mechanical transducer of movement of torsion wire connected to the suspended pin

· Sample volume - 360 

     Power - External power supply, CSA listed, 120V model @ 60 Hz or 220V model @ 50 Hz
     Initial Warm-up time - Less than five (5) minutes to warm sample

· Operating position - Setting verified with spirit level

· Dimensions - 11.4 in. x 8.6 in. x 7.0 in. (29cm x 22cm x 18cm)

· Weight - 12 lbs (5.4 kg)


Technical Parameters




Simple Process



Ordeing Information






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