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DNA extraction & PCR preparation ADC CH616
  • Eliable liquid- and plate handling technology

  • Convincing performance

  • Compact benchtop design

  • Intuitive and flexible software

Standard Configurations

Ordering Information

ModelADC CH616
DesignBenchtop design
Capacity1-48 samples (tube ø 12 - 13mm, standard configuration)
Working platformFlexible setup. Loading posistions can be assigned to samples or reagents
Liquid handling system
Common X - movement. Channel spacing between adjacent channels: 9 to 22mm for 4 channels. Equidistant channel spacing. Independent, simultaneous vertical tip movement. Position increment: ∆X, ∆Y and ∆Z = 0.01mm
PiercingSealed plates can be pierced using the pipetting system and standard pipetting tips
Tip rack4 x 96 tips
Samples Volume500ul
Elution volume80ul
Cooling block3 - For PCR reagents, Eluted DNA/RNA and PCR plate
Heating shaker3 - Controlled between ambient temperature and 105 °C, adjustable at an increment of 0.1°C
Accuracy±0.5°C @ 37°C
Plate transfer systemTransfers plates between incubators and magnetic particle separator and places and removes plate covers.
Barcode reader2 - For samples and reagents
UV Lamp3 - For maximum efficiency over the whole worktable

Catalogue No.CH616

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