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Co-cr-mo Cemented Hip Replacement Implant
Co-cr-mo Cemented Hip Replacement Implant

Co-cr-mo Cemented Hip Replacement Implant

Cementless implant, can be used in both total and partial hip arthroplasty. 

Consists of 6 components: 

  • Femoral Stem

  • Centralizer

  • Restrictor

  • Changeable Femoral Head

  • Total Hip Poly Acetabulum

  • Bipolar Femoral Head for partial hip arthroplasty.

Co-cr-mo Cemented Hip Replacement Implant Details

  • Material: S2B00 Femoral Stem, CoCrMo

  • S1B01 Femoral Stem, CoCrMo

  • H1C00 Changeable Femoral Head, CoCrMo

  • Z1B45 Centralizer, UHMWPE

  • P1B45 Restrictor, UHMWPE

  • C1B45 Total Hip Poly Acetabulum, UHMWPE

  • D1C50 Bipolar Femoral Head, CoCrMo + UHMWPE

S2B00 Femoral Stem1,2,3,4
S1B01 Femoral Stem1,2,3,4
H1C00 Changeable Femoral HeadΦ22/0, Φ22/+4, Φ28/-4, Φ28/0, Φ28/+4, Φ28/+8
Z1B45 Centralizer1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
P1B45 RestrictorΦ11, Φ13, Φ15, Φ17, Φ19, Φ21
C1B45 Total Hip Poly AcetabulumΦ44/28, Φ46/28, Φ48/28, Φ50/28, Φ52/28, Φ54/28, Φ56/28, Φ58/28, Φ60/28
D1C50 Bipolar Femoral HeadΦ38/22,Φ40/22, Φ42/22, Φ44/22, Φ46/28, Φ48/28, Φ50/28, Φ52/28, Φ54/28

Features & Benefits

  • *Classic design examined by long period of clinical trials.

  • *Both collared (S1B01) and non-collar(S2B00) design, provide multiple solution.

  • *Cemented Stem and cup better for people who has osteoporosis.

  • *Recommended head/neck ratio design, which enables better ROM (range of motion).

  • *Optimized design, implant sizes match anatomical data..

Co-cr-mo Cemented Hip Replacement Implant Specification

PackagingInner. Two layers of sterile package, both are Tyvek + PETG heat-sealing package, covered by carton and heat shrinkable films
External: Standard carton
Lead Time7-21 days
Delivery≤30kg, Door to door (DHL/TNT/UPS/FEDEX/EMS, etc.)
> 30 kg, Airport to Airport
B air or by sea

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