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Needle-free Connector
Needle-free Connector

Needle-free Connector

Tiny sized positive pressure design. 

Needle-free Connector Details

Product Description

  • Metal-free design ensures the compatibility of MRI.

  • The smooth and flat top can be effectively sterilized, inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

  • Small dead space ensures the accuracy of drug dosage, avoiding the waste of expensive drugs.  

  • The positive pressure design effectively prevents the blood reflux, and avoids clotting inside the tube.  

  • This connector is available for all kinds of standard medical accessories

Product Features  

  • Stable positive pressure  

  • Small dead space (less than 0.2mL)  

  • Smooth and flat top can be effectively sterilized  

Product Benefits

  • Metal-free, MRI compatible  

  • Accurate drug dosage, avoiding waste of drugs  

  • Standard connector design  

  • High flow rate 

Ordering Information


Catalogue NoPositive Pressure or NotExtension Tubing Length (cm)

Average Flow Rate240 - 250mL/min
Average Positive Pressure Volume0.05mL
Dead Space Volume< 0.2mL

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