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Stainless Steel Cemented Hip Replacement Implant
Stainless Steel Cemented Hip Replacement Implant

Stainless Steel Cemented Hip Replacement Implant

Cementless implant, can be used in both total and partial hip arthroplasty. 

Consists of 6 components: 

  • Femoral Stem

  • Centralizer

  • Restrictor

  • Changeable Femoral Head

  • Total Hip Poly Acetabulum

  • Bipolar Femoral Head for partial hip arthroplasty.

Stainless Steel Cemented Hip Replacement Implant Details  

  • Material: S2B30 Femoral Stem, Stainless Steel

  • H1C30 Changeable Femoral Head, Stainless Steel

  • Z1B45 Centralizer, UHMWPE

  • P1B45 Restrictor, UHMWPE

  • C1B45 Total Hip Poly Acetabulum, UHMWPE

  • D1C90 Bipolar Femoral Head, Stainless steel+ UHMWPE

S2B30 Femoral Stem1,2,3,4
H1C30 Changeable Femoral HeadΦ22/0, Φ22/+4, Φ28/-4, Φ28/0, Φ28/+4, Φ28/+8
Z1B45 Centralizer1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9;
P1B45 RestrictorΦ11, Φ13, Φ15, Φ17, Φ19, Φ21
C1B45 Total Hip Poly AcetabulumΦ44/28, Φ46/28, Φ48/28, Φ50/28, Φ52/28, Φ54/28, Φ56/28, Φ58/28, Φ60/28
D1C90 Bipolar Femoral HeadΦ38/22,Φ40/22, Φ42/22, Φ44/22, Φ46/28, Φ48/28, Φ50/28, Φ52/28, Φ54/28

Features & Benefits

  • *Classic design examined by long period of clinical trials.

  • *Cemented Stem and cup better for people who has osteoporosis.

  • *Recommended head/neck ratio design, which enables better ROM (range of motion).

  • *Optimized design, implant sizes match anatomical data..

Stainless Steel Cemented Hip Replacement Implant Specification

PackagingInner. Two layers of sterile package, both are Tyvek + PETG heat-sealing package, covered by carton and heat shrinkable fims
External: Standard carton
Lead Time7-21 days
Delivery≤30kg, Door to door (DHL/TNT/UPS/FEDEX/EMS, etc.)
> 30 kg, Airport to Airport
B air or by sea

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