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  • Precision™ 1000 Ultrasonic Surgical System Precision™ 1000 Ultrasonic Surgical System Precise Operation, Easy Handling
  • CFMS LEPU-8880 CFMS LEPU-8880 4 Channels Thrombelastography Analyzer
  • Blozer 72 Blozer 72 Pierce module - 12 cards postion
  • LEPU Quant-fluo 800 LEPU Quant-fluo 800 Quant-fluo 800 is an Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer for diagnosing patients with Symptoms such as chest pain, stuffy of difficult breathing; Patients with high risk of cardiovascular disease; Bacterial infection or sepsis. Considering Its superior performance, high quality, easy to use, and minimal maintenance, Quant-fluo 800 is the optimal choice for clinics, research laboratories, and biotechnology companies.
  • Single Use Disposable Trocar and Veress Needle Single Use Disposable Trocar and Veress Needle 45° Sleeve Tip Bevel
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  • PC-60NW Fingertip Oximeter (Wireless) PC-60NW Fingertip Oximeter (Wireless) FeaturesOLE D displays with auto-rotation in 4-direction SpO2, PR, PI, Pulse bar and waveformApplicable to adult, pediatric and neonate with external probeAudible and visual alarm with low battery ind...
  • MPC-5V100 MPC-5V100 The pharmacy refrigerators are suitable for installation in drug stores, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, epidemic prevention centers and clinics.
  • Disposable Double-handle Auto Linear Stapler Disposable Double-handle Auto Linear Stapler Parallel closure spread out tissue force evenly.
    Automatic clamping,convenient for single hand operation.
    Retaining pin to prevent tissue from overflowing.
  • Atorvastatin Calcium Atorvastatin Calcium Item/CodeCAS No.Molecular StructureTherapeutic AreaCertification/StatusATS-8125971-94-0AnticholesteremicAgentsM142558-54-3L1125971-95-1L4(API)344423-98-9
  • Sertraline HCl Sertraline HCl Item/CodeCAS No.Molecular StructureTherapeutic IndicationCertification/StageAPI79617-99-5AntidepressantAPI: H20057438FDF: H20052202
  • Anagliptin Anagliptin Item/CodeCAS No.Molecular StructureTherapeutic IndicationCertification/StageAPI739366-20-2II-AntidiabetesUnder development
  • PC ECG-500 ECG Workstation PC ECG-500 ECG Workstation Can be used in hospital, clinique, physical examination center, community health center and pet center.
    Application of CSE and AHA database, reliable automatic measurement and analysis result.
    One key operation to install USB driver software, database and PCECG-500 system.
  • LFR30B Infrared Forehead Thermometer LFR30B Infrared Forehead Thermometer Blue dots focusing calibration system help users to find the optimal measuring distance
  • NeoVas™ Sirolimus-eluting Bioresorbable Coronary Scaffold System NeoVas™ Sirolimus-eluting Bioresorbable Coronary Scaffold System Sirolimus-eluting Bioresorbable Coronary Scaffold System.
    First brand launched in China.
  • Angiographic Catheter Angiographic Catheter Multi curve choices for angiographic catheter.