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Blozer 200
Blozer 200

Blozer 200

Fully automated blood grouping system Blozer 200

Blozer 200 Features

  • Fully automatic, safe and flexible operation

  • High sensitivity to detect low content of antigen and antibody

  • Rapid and continuous batch sample processing

  • Clear and accurate test results

  • Applicable to departments and units such as large, small, and medium-sized hospitals, blood stations and CDC etc.

Blozer 200 Standard Configurations


Fully automated Blood grouping system BLOZER 200

Test Menu

Blood grouping/ reverse grouping/ phenotyping/ crossmatching/ antibodyscreening and etc.

Operating mode

Microcolulmn Gel Test

Sample types

centrifuged whole blood/ packed red blood cells/ 3-5% and 0.8% red cell suspensions/serum or plasma

Equipment structure

Independent double arm running structure

Typical throughput

72 cards/H

Pipetting channel


Sample position


Card  cabins


Reagent position


Hole puncher

Puncture mode, support 6/8 hole punch

Incubation temperature


Incubation module

2(2×12=24 cards position)


2(2×12=24 cards position)


Completely intellectual property rights, humanization design,Wizard-style user interface,easy to use

Bi-directional LIS/HIS connection, evaluate and send results

Software interface synchronous operation, synchronous refresh, visual display running state

Operating process real-time monitoring, early warning function with abnormal situation

Perfect function of experiment process tracking function of full trace ability tracking analysis and quality control

Powerful memory storage support testing result recheck include original picture, sample number,reagent message,reading result,operator,testing time,test protocol, test method and etc.

Diagnostic Kits - Blood Group Testing Products

Blood Group Testing Products

Product NameSpecification
ABO/RhD Blood Typing Card (Monoclonal Antibody)12 test/box, 48 test/box
ABO/RhD Blood Typing Quality Control(Microcolumn gel)

6 bottle/box

Sample1 2 mUbottole x 1 bottle, Sample2 2 ml/bottle x 1 bottle, Sample3 2 ml/bottle x 1 bottle, Sample4 2 ml/bottle x 1 bottle, Samples 2 ml/bottle x 1 bottle, Sample6 1 ml/bottle x 1 bottle

Coobs(anti-lgG,anti-C3d) Test Card(Microcolumn gel)12 test/box, 48 test/box
ABO Reverse Grouping Test Kit(Human red blood cell)Contains one bottle of A, B, 0 cell, 10 ml/bottle, with concentration of 4% or 8%
Irregular Antibodies Screening Test Kit(Human red blood cell)Contains one bottle of O I, O11, O Ill blood cell, 10Cml/bottle, with concentration of 4% or 8%
Cross-matching Quality Control(Microcolumn gel)

5 bottle/box

Sample 1: 2mUbottole x 1 bottle, Sample 2: 1ml/bottle x 1 bottle, Sample 3: 1ml/bottle x 1 bottle, Sample 4: 2ml/bottle x 1 bottle, Samples 2ml/bottle x 1 bottle

ABO, RhD Blood Group Antigen Card

2 test/card, 24 test/box
Rh Blood Group Antigen Card12 test/card, 48 test/box
Irregular Antibodies Screening Quality ControlContains one bottle of O I, O11, O Ill blood cell, 5ml/bottle, with concentration of 4% or 8%

*Product registration and availability vary by country. For more information on product availability, please contact us here.

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