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Brilliant™ Introducer Kit
Brilliant™ Introducer Kit

Brilliant™ Introducer Kit


• Well balanced pushability and flexibility  

• Gap/kink resistance  

• Smooth transition from dilator to sheath  

• Hydrosurf™ hydrophilic coating  

• Special designed dilator locking  

Brilliant™ Introducer Kit Details

Product Features

• Hydrophilic coated radial sheath and guidewire lead to smoother navigation and easier vascular access, reducing the risk of damage to the vessel.

• Advanced material improves bendability and flexibility without gapping or kinking.

• Specially designed lock and silicon hemostatic valve provide outstanding hemostatic function while guaranteeing the operational ability for the catheter.

• The smooth tapered tip helps with easy access to the artery, reducing trauma to the patients.

• Smooth transition from dilator to sheath greatly reduces puncture resistance, providing easy and non-traumatic insertion 

Introducer Medical

Brilliant Introducer Kit

Product Benefits

• Easy entry and smoother navigation  

• Good hemostatic performance  

• Minimized trauma to patients

Product Ranges  

• Sheath Size: 4-7F  

• Sheath Length: 5/7/11/16/24cm  

Full Kit Components

• Introducer Sheath (1)  

• Dilator (1)  

• Hydrophilic Guide Wire (1)  

• Intravascular Catheter (1)

• Scalpel (1)

• Syringe (1)  

The Introducer Kit can be customized by:  

• Remove every single component includes guidewire, an intravascular catheter (IC), scalpel (K) and syringe (S).  

• Replace the hydrophilic guidewire (straight HS/135° angled HW) into stainless steel guidewire (straight SS) or nitinol guidewire (straight NS).  

• Replace the intravascular catheter (IC) into a percutaneous introducer needle (IN). The intravascular catheter is mandatory to be a set with a hydrophilic guidewire.  

• Please contact the sales for more information about the selections of customized kits. 

Ordering Information

Radial Sheath
Catalogue No.  (Hydrophilic Guide Wire)Sheath I.D.Sheath LengthGuide Wire  DiameterGuide Wire
Intravascular  CatheterScalpelSyringe
RSC040521-HS45-IC22-K-S4F5 cm0.021”45 cm22G11
RSC040525-HS45-IC20-K-S4F5 cm0.025”45 cm20G11
RSC040721-HS45-IC22-K-S4F7 cm0.021”45 cm22G11
RSC040725-HS45-IC20-K-S4F7 cm0.025”45 cm20G11
RSC041121-HS45-IC22-K-S4F11 cm0.021”45 cm22G11
RSC041125-HS45-IC20-K-S4F11 cm0.025”45 cm20G11
RSC041621-HS70-IC22-K-S4F16 cm0.021”70 cm22G11
RSC041625-HS70-IC20-K-S4F16 cm0.025”70 cm20G11
RSC042421-HS70-IC22-K-S4F24 cm0.021”70 cm22G11
RSC042425-HS70-IC20-K-S4F24 cm0.025”70 cm20G11
RSC050521-HS45-IC22-K-S5F5 cm0.021”45 cm22G11
RSC050525-HS45-IC20-K-S5F5 cm0.025”45 cm20G11
RSC050721-HS45-IC22-K-S5F7 cm0.021”45 cm22G11
RSC050725-HS45-IC20-K-S5F7 cm0.025”45 cm20G11
RSC051121-HS45-IC22-K-S5F11 cm0.021”45 cm22G11
RSC051125-HS45-IC20-K-S5F11 cm0.025”45 cm20G11
RSC051621-HS70-IC22-K-S5F16 cm0.021”70 cm22G11
RSC051625-HS70-IC20-K-S5F16 cm0.025”70 cm20G11
RSC052421-HS70-IC22-K-S5F24 cm0.021”70 cm22G11
RSC052425-HS70-IC20-K-S5F24 cm0.025”70 cm20G11
RSC060521-HS45-IC22-K-S6F5 cm0.021”45 cm22G11
RSC060525-HS45-IC20-K-S6F5 cm0.025”45 cm20G11
RSC060721-HS45-IC22-K-S6F7 cm0.021”45 cm22G11
RSC060725-HS45-IC20-K-S6F7 cm0.025”45 cm20G11
RSC061121-HS45-IC22-K-S6F11 cm0.021”45 cm22G11
RSC061125-HS45-IC20-K-S6F11 cm0.025”45 cm20G11
RSC061621-HS70-IC22-K-S6F16 cm0.021”70 cm22G11
RSC061625-HS70-IC20-K-S6F16 cm0.025”70 cm20G11
RSC062421-HS70-IC22-K-S6F24 cm0.021”70 cm22G11
RSC062425-HS70-IC20-K-S6F24 cm0.025”70 cm20G11
RSC070521-HS45-IC22-K-S7F5 cm0.021”45 cm22G11
RSC070525-HS45-IC20-K-S7F5 cm0.025”45 cm20G11
RSC070721-HS45-IC22-K-S7F7 cm0.021”45 cm22G11
RSC070725-HS45-IC20-K-S7F7 cm0.025”45 cm20G11
RSC071121-HS45-IC22-K-S7F11 cm0.021”45 cm22G11
RSC071125-HS45-IC20-K-S7F11 cm0.025”45 cm20G11
RSC071621-HS70-IC22-K-S7F16 cm0.021”70 cm22G11
RSC071625-HS70-IC20-K-S7F16 cm0.025”70 cm20G11
RSC072421-HS70-IC22-K-S7F24 cm0.021”70 cm22G11
RSC072425-HS70-IC20-K-S7F24 cm0.025”70 cm20G11

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