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Countersink Cannulated Cancellous Screw (Partially Threaded)
Countersink Cannulated Cancellous Screw (Partially Threaded)

Countersink Cannulated Cancellous Screw (Partially Threaded)

Cannulate Cancellous Screw (Partially Threaded) is indicated for use in trauma repair and reconstruction of bone fractures and fragment.

Countersink Cannulated Cancellous Screw(Partially Threaded) Details

  • Material sensitivity documented or suspected.

  • Infection, osteoporosis or other diseases hindering healing up of bone.

  • Compromised vascularity that would inhibit adequate blood supply to the fracture or the operative site.

  • Patients having inadequate tissue coverage over the operative sit.

  • Abnormity of bone structure.

  • Local infection happens at operation area and local inflammation symptom appears.

  • Children.

  • Overweight.:An overweight or obese patient can produce loads on the plate which can lead to failure of the fixation of the device or to failure of the device itself.

  • Mental illness.

  • Patients unwilling to cooperate in after treatment.

  • Other medical or surgical condition which would preclude the potential benefit of surgery.

  • Patients having any other surgery contraindication.


Titanium alloy (The titanium is an ideal material for implant.)

Spec. (mm):


All screws are made from titanium alloy material

  • *Advanced anatomical nail design

  • *Optimized locking implants

  • *Optimal lateral entry point

  • *Intramedullary insertion allows early weight bearing

Countersink Cannulated Cancellous Screw(Partially Threaded) Specification

Countersink Cannulated Cancellous Screw(Partially Threaded)

Ordering Informations
Ordering Informations

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