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Poctor M3101
Poctor M3101

Poctor M3101

Poctor® Blood Glucose, Ketone Body, Uric Acid Detector Poctor M3101
  • One device with three functions (For blood glucose\ketone bodies\uric acid test)

  • Code calibration

  • Barcode scanning with intelligent patient information management

  • Sample type: Capillary whole blood and venous whole blood

  • Automated startup after inserting test paper

  • Large memory capacity

  • Test paper with Independent packing

Diagnostic Kits

Ordering Information

Sample type
test volumeTimeMeasuring rangeCalibrationHematocritMemory capacity
Blood glucose test paper (GO S1101)Capillary whole blood≥ 0.7μL<10s1.1-33.3mmol/Lcode30-50%400
Blood glucose test (GDH S1101)Capillary whole blood or venous whole blood≥ 0.8μL<10s1.1-33.3mmol/Lcode30-70%400
ketone bodies test paper (KT S1101)Capillary whole blood≥ 1.0μL<15s0.2-8.0mmol/Lcode30-70%100
Uric Acid test paper (UAS1100)Capillary whole blood≥ 2.0μL<25s200-1200mmol/Lcode30-55%100

Catalogue No.Poctor M3101

Provide Total Solution For
Patients With
Cardiovascular Disease
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