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Poctor M3101
Poctor M3101

Poctor M3101

Poctor® Blood Glucose, Ketone Body, Uric Acid Detector Poctor M3101
  • One device with three functions (For blood glucose\ketone bodies\uric acid test)

  • Code calibration

  • Barcode scanning with intelligent patient information management

  • Sample type: Capillary whole blood and venous whole blood

  • Automated startup after inserting test paper

  • Large memory capacity

  • Test paper with Independent packing

Technical Specification

Test Sample

Fresh fingertip whole blood,venous whole blood

Test Scope

Blood glucose 1.1-3.3mmol/L (20-60mg/dL)

Ketone body 0.2-8.0 mmol/L (2.08-83.2mg/dL)

Uric acid 200-1200μmol/L (3.3-20.0-20mg/dL)

Sample Volume

Glucose (glucose oxidase method) ≥0.6μL(mL)

Glucose (glucose dehydrogenase method) ≥1.0μL(mL)

Ketone body ≥1.0μL(mL)

Uric acid≥2.0μL(mL)

Measurement Time

Less than 10s

Less than 15s

Less than 25s

Memory Cpacity

400 groups

100 groups

100 groups

Operating Temperature

10~40℃ blood glucose

10~40℃ ketone body

10~35℃ uric acid


Two 3V lithium batteries

Size/weight of tester

94.5*61.5*23.5mm (L, W, H)/about 64.5g (including battery)



Transportation temperature -20℃~55℃, relative humidity ≤75%; prevention from violent shock, rain and sun exposure in the process of transportation.

Storage Conditions

Storage temperature -20℃~55℃, relative humidity ≤75%, in the well-ventilated environment without corrosive gas.

Test Strip

Glucose (glucose oxidase method) GO S1101

Glucose (glucose dehydrogenase method)  GDH S1101

Ketone test strip(Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase Method) KT S1101

Uric Acid test strip (Electrochemical Method) UA S1100

Diagnostic Kits

Sample type
test volumeTimeMeasuring rangeCalibrationHematocritMemory capacity
Blood glucose test paper (GO S1101)Capillary whole blood≥ 0.7μL<10s1.1-33.3mmol/Lcode30-50%400
Blood glucose test (GDH S1101)Capillary whole blood or venous whole blood≥ 0.8μL<10s1.1-33.3mmol/Lcode30-70%400
ketone bodies test paper (KT S1101)Capillary whole blood≥ 1.0μL<15s0.2-8.0mmol/Lcode30-70%100
Uric Acid test paper (UAS1100)Capillary whole blood≥ 2.0μL<25s200-1200mmol/Lcode30-55%100

*Product registration and availability vary by country. For more information on product availability, please contact us here.

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