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Excellen's Early Screening Technology for Lung Cancer Ranks in the

Excellen's Early Screening Technology for Lung Cancer Ranks in the

On July 1, the China cancer prevention and treatment Committee of CHINA ANTI CANCER ASSOCIATION and Xinhua net released the "Top Ten Progresses in the Field of Cancer Concerned by the Public in 2021" based on the analysis of Xinhua's big data. Excellen Medical Technology is honoured on the list with the first approved blood methylation diagnostic kits for lung cancer.

 blood methylation diagnostic kits for lung cancer

Oncology Diagnostics Advancement That Lepu Medical Has Been Approved

Annual list of cancer prevention and treatment in China: Top 10 progresses in the most concerned cancer field in 2021

Sixth: The first approved blood methylation diagnostic kits of lung cancer brings a new turning point for early lung cancer screening

How to Use Blood Methylation Diagnostic Kits For Lung Cancer

By now, Diagnostic Kits has won the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) Class III medical device registration certification. It only needs to draw 5ml of human peripheral blood, and then capture and amplify trace amounts of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in the blood through high-efficiency enrichment and amplification technology, bringing new breakthroughs to early lung cancer screening. The oncology diagnostics product has the characteristics of non-invasive, painless and radiation-free. After clinical trial research, its clinical sensitivity is 86.83%, specificity is 95.59%, and the total coincidence rate is 92.33%.

Why Choose Lepu Medical Technology

As a subsidiary of Lepu Medical Technology, Excellen Medical leads the way in early detection and auxiliary diagnosis in the absence of symptoms. We have carried out extensive cooperation with many top research institutions and hospitals at home and abroad. Many products have applied for national Class III medical device registration certification, obtained EU CE certification, and have many domestic and foreign invention patents.

The Outline of the Healthy China 2030 Plan clearly states that by 2030, the health management of chronic diseases for the whole population and life cycle will be realized, and the overall 5-year cancer survival rate will increase by 15%. As a pioneer in the field of early tumor detection, We will continue to promote the development of early health detection technology, realize early diagnosis and early treatment of cancer, and improve the survival rate of patients.