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Lepu High-tech Medical Devices And Equipment

Lepu High-tech Medical Devices And Equipment

Lepu Medical has grown into a global leading group company in the fields of cardiovascular intervention, structural heart disease, cardiac rhythm management, anesthesia and critical care, in vitro diagnostics and general surgery with products covering coronary stents, dilatation balloon catheters, PCI accessories, occlusion devices, mechanical heart valves, electrophysiology catheters, pacemakers, IVD equipment and biomarkers, DSA systems and surgical staplers.

Medical Devices

We are your Global Medical Device Supplier
LEPU Medical serves the medical field in both laboratory consumables and medical devices. As medical device supplier, we provide wide range of product portfolio from cardiovascular interventional products, ECG & Patient Monitor, Hemodialysis products, surgical products, IVD products, to orthopedic products.

Skin Care

Fight Against Covid-19

Lepu offers a comprehensive solution for the global community to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. We are poised to assist societies to prevent its further spread and protect the life of every citizen with our portfolio of diagnostic tools, point-of-care devices, patient monitors, and cold-chain devices.

Pharmaceutical (API)

We are your Global Pharmaceutical (API) Supplier

Zhejiang Lepu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Lepu Medical, mainly specializes in the R&D, manufacture and marketing of APIs and FDFs for Cardiovascular, Antibiotics, Oncology, Nervous System and others.
Global-leading supplier of Cardiovascular Pharmaceuticals API and intermediates, Atorvastatin Calcium, Rosuvastatin Calcium etc. with US-DMF, EU-CEP, China DMF Certificates.
Several types of oncologic API and intermediates are under development. To have the latest status please contact us.
20 Years’ experience of R&D and production for Anti-infectives APIs. US-DMF and EU-CEP for relevant products.
Central Nervous System
For Central Nervous System diseases, we are developing several types of API including Antidepressant, Anticonvulsant, etc.
Another comprehensive portfolio of API and intermediates is under development. To have the latest status please contact us.
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