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Lepu launches AI-powered Neo ECG tablet

Lepu launches AI-powered Neo ECG tablet

Recently, Shenzhen Carewell Electronics Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Lepu Medical (300003. SZ), launched its new ECG tablets--Neo ECG T180 and Neo ECG S120. Supporting connection with AI-ECG Platform, Neo ECG allows the hospitals and medical centers to achieve intelligence diagnosis.  This marks Lepu's solid step towards AI-powered solutions.  


Lepu launches AI-powered Neo ECG tablet

What is AI-ECG Platform?  

Independently developed by Lepu Medical, AI-ECG Platform is an artificial intelligence (AI) electrocardiogram (ECG) assisted analysis and diagnosis system. It provides an intelligent in-hospital solution to assist clinical decision-making.  

The analysis results turn out to be highly accurate.Test by 1,000,000 independent MIT test data, the average accuracy of AI-ECG platform reach 95.2%.  

Its high-speed feature makes it a time-saver. The AI-ECG Platform takes merely 1 second to rest ECG analysis automatically, which can reduce the overall time of clinical ECG analysis.  

It enables comprehensive diagnosis. The platform supports 16 types of cardiac malfunction classification and 104 types of ECG diagnostic classification.  


Lepu launches AI-powered Neo ECG tablet

Main features of Neo ECG

Lepu launches AI-powered Neo ECG tablet


• 7'' / 10.1'' high resolution color touch screen, easy to operate  

• Base with build-in thermal printer and support external laser printer

• Support connection with AI-ECG PLATFORM in achieving intelligence diagnosis.  

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