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NeoECG T180
NeoECG T180

NeoECG T180

ECG Tablet

NeoECG T180 Details

Product Features

• 10.1" high-resolution color touch screen, easy to operate. Portable design, compact in size.  

• Can be powered by an external DC power supply, a built-in rechargeable lithium battery or a recorder charging pot.

• Support synchronous acquisition and display of 6/9/12/15*/18*-lead waveform, as well as heart rate detection.

• Support automatic pacing detection and marking.

• Support auto, RR analysis, HRV, medicine test, ECG event mode.  

• Provide 4 sampling modes: pre-sampling, real-time sampling, periodic sampling, and trigger sampling.  

• Support automatic pacing detection.

• Input patient information via a virtual alphanumeric keyboard and barcode scanning.

• Freeze the ECG waveform on the screen.  

• Output files in multiple formats, such as Carewell ECG, PDF, BMP, HL7, DICOM, SCP.  

• Store, preview, review, edit, export, upload, print and search patient data.  

• Support wireless transmission of ECG data via WiFi and mobile networks.  

• Base with built-in thermal printer and support external laser printer.  

• Export patient data to USB flash disk via a USB connector.  

• Support the user login permission control, use password or account & password authentication to use the device.  

• Support online and offline login to the device, and view the historical patient data of the department according to the login account.  

• Support connection with AI-ECG PLATFORM in achieving intelligent diagnosis (Optional).

In-hospital Solution 

Neo ECG T180

*Product registration and availability vary by country. For more information on product availability, please contact us here.

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