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Lepu Industry Leasing

Lepu (Shenzhen) Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lepu leasing"), established in December 1, 2015, is founded by Lepu Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. (75% share) and Lepu Medical (Europe) Cooperatief U.A. (25% share). It is a Sino-foreign joint venture leasing company approved by Shenzhen Qianhai Free Trade Area and supervised by the Ministry of Commerce.

Relying on Lepu medical long-established industry background and strong resource access, Lepu leasing is committed to building a leading brand on medical and pharmaceutical investment and financing. Its business scope includes financial leasing, factoring and other related financial services.

Lepu leasing is built to further strengthen the integration of the medical & pharmaceutical industry and the financial business. It regards hospitals and medical institutions with their upstream and downstream as the only customers, and focus on the field of cardiovascular diseases, as well as the related fields such as radiography, gene detection, laboratory test, tumor, hemodialysis and rehabilitation.

Business Model

Lepu leasing develops and provides industry-specific financial products and services on the basis of Lepu Medical’s development goals and market demands. Currently, the main business includes financial leasing, commercial factoring and innovation, and development business.

Finacial Leasing
  • Direct Leasing
  • Leaseback
  • Joint Tenancy
  • Supply Chain Short-term Financing
Commercial Factoring
  • Internal Claims Factoring
  • Distributor Claims Factoring
lnnovation Business
  • Supply Chain Structured Financing Channel
  • Co-construction of Medical Center
Development Business
  • Combination of Shares and Debts

Lepu Financial Holding

General Projects: equity investment, investment management, investment in stocks, bonds, futures and other securities, publicly traded securities investment or financial derivatives transaction, and guarantees for enterprises other than the invested ones.

Licensing Projects: mortgage loans for medicine, medical devices and medical equipment, entrusted bank loans and other loans.

Lepu Industry Fund

Lepu Fund strategically cooperated with the well-known domestic VC enterprise and established Lepu Medical Healthcare Venture Capital Fund.

Lepu Medical Healthcare Venture Capital Fund is a strategic venture capital fund which invests in the fields of medical device, biomedicine, mobile medical, and health service, focusing on the prevention, diagnosis, minimally invasive treatment and rehabilitation of chronic diseases. The fund is mainly invested in the projects at preliminary and growing stages and supplement with the Pre-IPO projects, paying close attention to the potentially profitable companies.

Business Description

  • Entrusted management of equity investment funds

  • Equity investment

  • Venture capital business

  • Participate in the establishment of venture capital enterprises and designate venture capital management consultants

  • Management for investment in the stock market

Lepu Insurance Brokerage

Build the insurance brokerage service platform for sub-health of cardiovascular diseases and postoperative management of chronic diseases with the business model which covers the high-end products, insurance and health services.

Research on the new types of cardiovascular insurance, and the group purchasing plan for cardiovascular health insurance.

Add value to the service system includes cardiovascular disease prevention & management service index, operative treatment and the service index, and postoperative health butler service index.