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Discussion on Anti-electrosurgical Interference Methods for ECG Monitor

Discussion on Anti-electrosurgical Interference Methods for ECG Monitor

1. Anti-electrosurgical interference methods for ECG tape monitor

The principle of the high-frequency electrotome is to heat the tissue when the high-frequency current generated by the electrode tip of the electrotome is in contact with the body, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting the tissue. Compared with the traditional mechanical scalpel, the electrotome has the characteristics of fast cutting speed and good hemostatic effect. The clinical use of electrotome can shorten the operation time and reduce the complications.

However, the high-frequency electrotome is essentially a variable frequency transformer, which converts low-frequency and low-voltage current into a high-voltage and high-frequency current of thousands or even tens of thousands of volts through frequency conversion and power amplification, which inevitably produces strong electromagnetic interference. And modern ECG monitoring equipment itself is very sensitive, and the monitoring data is easily affected by the interference of the electrotome.

To solve the electromagnetic interference of high-frequency electrotome to electrocardiographic equipment, and to seek solutions from the hardware level, there are generally several ideas. For example, when using electrotomes, the protection system automatically cuts off the input signal of the electrocardiographic equipment. The ECG signal will be switched back immediately after the electrotome is stopped, so that the monitor can always display accurate values when it is working. In addition, the ECG electrode is placed on the electric electrode to offset the interference generated by the electrotome. Or consider adding a metal protective cover to the monitoring equipment to keep the monitoring equipment as far away from the electrotome as possible, and so on.

The above methods can indeed reduce the impact of electrosurgical interference on the ECG equipment, but there will be many inconveniences in use. For example, when the electrotome is used, the ECG monitoring equipment cannot collect real-time ECG data. It is difficult to completely offset. The installation of a metal protective cover and the way to stay away from interference sources as much as possible will also encounter the limitations of practical factors in operation.

2. The ECG tape monitor is anti-interference through the software

The above mentioned is to minimize the interference of electrotome on the ECG equipment from the hardware level. It is effective but there are also defects. Can it also start from the software level and upgrade the system and algorithms to give the ECG Is there an extra layer of protection for monitoring equipment?

The study found that the low-frequency interference caused by the electrosurgical can be filtered out through the software method. After the algorithm optimization, the electrocardiogram waveform presentation effect is good, only small vibrations, and the characteristic bands of the electrocardiogram can be clearly distinguished, thereby reducing the influence of electrosurgical knife on heart rate measurement.

Regarding the anti-electrocautery interference of the ECG monitor, there are many methods and means. Although it is indeed effective, there are still certain limitations in the real practical application. If you want the ECG monitor to truly have the ability to prevent electrosurgical interference, you should also pay more attention to the comprehensive use of various technical means, grasping both from the hardware and software levels. This may be a more efficient way to eliminate electrosurgical interference.