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Pen Injector
Pen Injector

Pen Injector

Fert® Pen Injector Is a portable variable dose insulin injection pen that provides a comfortable operating experience and a high level of patient acceptance 

Pen Injector Details

Product Description

The intuitive and reliable dose-adjustable treatment concept is easier for patients to accept

Dosage setting and calibration are easy to operate, better ensuring patient comfort

Bayonet connection and lead screw are smoothly retracted for quick refill change

For insulin and other multidose therapies

Designed for ease of operation and maximum value

The optimized gear minimizes the amount of force applied, and only a slight turn of the graduated hovers is required to achieve the best user experience

Large dose display, with good readability, even for visually impaired patients

The pen holder is equipped with a bayonet connection and smooth push of the lead screw for quick and easy refill replacement

The calibration dose adjustable treatment concept ensures high patient acceptance and reduces patient training efforts

Provide audible and tactile feedback during dosing, dose correction and administration to maximize patient confidence

Final dose After injection, the required injection margin can be viewed to ensure the correct dose from the first to the last drop

Product specifications

Standard 3 ml container according to ISO 11608-3

Minimum dose/dose unit 0.01 ml

The maximum dose is 0.60 ml

Total dose unit 60

Suitable for all types pen needles conform to ISO11608-2, Fert○R  Pen Needle are strongly recommended. 

*Product registration and availability vary by country. For more information on product availability, please contact us here.

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