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Is the Cholesterol Multifunction Analyzer Useful? What Should Be Paid Attention to when Using It?

Is the Cholesterol Multifunction Analyzer Useful? What Should Be Paid Attention to when Using It?

Cholesterol is an indispensable and important substance for human tissue cells. It not only participates in the formation of cell membranes, but also is a raw material for one-way bile acids and vitamin D. The treatment of high cholesterol should be carried out from two aspects of diet and medicine. So, is a cholesterol analyzer useful? Let us tell you in detail below!

Ⅰ. The functions of the cholesterol analyzer are as follows:

1. Powerful function, can detect blood sugar and cholesterol.

2. One instrument can store 360 sets of test results. The unique electrochemical biological principle and detection technology provide you with fast and accurate measurement.

3. Accurate readings make you worry-free. Less pain, it only takes 10 seconds to measure blood sugar, and the cholesterol analyzer is the fastest, only 26 seconds to read.

4. Portable and easy to operate. Lightweight palm-sized dual-function analyzer, easy to carry; fully automatic processing, just insert the test strip into the analyzer.

As can be seen from the above, the cholesterol analyzer can not only measure blood sugar, but also can measure cholesterol, which is a relatively high-tech product.

Ⅱ. When using the cholesterol analyzer, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. Please complete the test within 3 minutes, otherwise the analyzer will automatically shut down.

2. Do not enter the blood in places other than the blood inlet.

3. For each test, the blood volume of the blood glucose test strip is at least 0.7 microliters of whole blood; the blood volume of the cholesterol test strip is at least 10 microliters of whole blood.

4. Do not collect blood twice (inclusive) or more on the same test strip, otherwise it will cause inaccurate test results.

As long as the above mistakes are avoided, there is no harm in using the cholesterol analyzer correctly.

Based on the leading and unique electrochemical biological principle and detection technology, the cholesterol analyzer combines with blood sugar, uric acid, and cholesterol test paper to form a world-leading three-in-one electrochemical detection system.

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