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The Best Medical Infrared Thermometer Analysis

The Best Medical Infrared Thermometer Analysis

After these years, everyone should be familiar with various temperature measuring devices. After all, it is necessary to measure body temperature every day when entering and leaving the community, taking public transportation, entering banks and hospitals, etc. Among them, infrared thermometers for medical use play a role.

How do medical infrared thermometers work?

Infrared temperature measurement technology has played an important role in product quality control and monitoring, equipment online fault diagnosis and safety protection, and energy saving. The infrared thermometer used to test human body temperature is called a human infrared thermometer. But one thing must be clarified that there is no distinction between infrared thermometers for medical or industrial use, because the manufacturing principles of infrared thermometers are consistent.

The infrared thermometer is composed of an optical system, a photoelectric detector, a signal amplifier and signal processing, and display and output. The optical system gathers the target infrared radiation energy in its field of view, and the infrared energy is focused on the photoelectric detector and converted into a corresponding electrical signal, which is then transformed into the temperature value of the measured target through conversion.

Any object in the natural world with a temperature higher than absolute zero (-273℃) radiates electromagnetic waves (infrared), so infrared is the most widely existing electromagnetic wave in the natural world, and thermal infrared is not absorbed by atmospheric smoke and clouds.

With the rapid development of technology, using the characteristic of infrared, the infrared thermometer uses the combination of electronic technology and computer software and infrared technology to detect and measure heat radiation. The size of the heat radiated by the object surface, the thermal-sensitive sensor obtains different heat differences, and through the processing of electronic and software technology, displays images with different brightness or color differences, which is what we usually call infrared thermal imaging. The heat quantity on the surface of the radiation source is calculated and converted through the thermal radiation algorithm to realize the conversion between thermal image and temperature.

How to change Celsius to Fahrenheit in medical infrared thermometer?

The infrared thermometer has two temperature values: Fahrenheit and Celsius, represented by F/C. Due to the different conversion methods of the two different temperature scales, switching must be carried out when using the infrared thermometer. The specific switching method of the infrared thermometer F/C is as follows:

Direct switching

The functions set for each model of the infrared thermometer are different, so the switching methods will also differ. For gun-shaped infrared thermometers, when switching, just press the "F/C" button on the side of the body to switch to Fahrenheit, and press it again to switch to Celsius, which is more convenient.

Power switch

The switching method of the infrared thermometer for medical use is a bit more concealed. When switching, we need to remove the battery cover and battery first, and then see a switch in the battery slot. Turn it up for Fahrenheit and down for Celsius. Compared with the button switching, this method is more troublesome.

How to reset the medical infrared thermometer?

Follow the following methods to reset the infrared thermometer:

  • Red button: Press and hold the red button in the middle of the button for at least 10 seconds. The infrared thermometer will automatically restore the factory settings.

  • Calibration setting: Set calibration, and then turn it to the side of the infrared thermometer. At this time, pay attention to the groove here.

  • Open: Push it to the right with your hand or a screwdriver to open it.

How to use a medical infrared thermometer?

The infrared thermometer measures body temperature using infrared radiation. It can be used to measure the temperature of the forehead. If the actual situation is restricted, the temperature inside the wrist can also be measured. The specific treatment method is to aim the detector part of the infrared thermometer at the center of the forehead above the eyebrows and keep it vertical. The measurement cannot be covered by hair. If there is sweat, it should be wiped dry. The distance from the forehead should be kept at about 3-5cm.

The normal temperature of the human forehead is between 35-37℃. It should be noted that the temperature of the human body surface is easily affected by the external environment, especially when there is cold wind blowing. At this time, the sleeve can be lifted to measure the position of the wrist covered to avoid the influence of the external temperature. In addition, in the use of the forehead thermometer, be sure to choose the correct mode. Before use, confirm that the forehead thermometer is in the body temperature measurement mode. If it is not in the body temperature measurement mode, set it to that mode according to the instructions. The working environment temperature of the forehead thermometer is between 16-35℃. During use, avoid direct sunlight and thermal radiation in the environment.