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The DSA market dominated by imports: mainstream vascular angiography at home and abroad

The DSA market dominated by imports: mainstream vascular angiography at home and abroad

Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) has always been considered the "gold standard" for imaging cerebral vessels, and there is currently no examination (including high-field MRI/MRA) that is more accurate in understanding cerebrovascular disease than DSA products.

I. There are three commonly used methods for DSA medical diagnosis of cerebrovascular disease:

The first is magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) of the brain performed by a magnetic resonance imaging machine. MRA is non-invasive and can even be done without injection of contrast agents. It can be performed simultaneously during MRI examination, but the resolution is the poorest and can be used as a screening method.

The second is computed tomography angiography (CTA) of the brain performed by a CT machine. CTA is also a non-invasive method that requires injection of iodine-containing contrast agents. Before the procedure, the patient's kidney function needs to be evaluated (contrast agents are excreted by the kidneys). It can be completed quickly with minimal discomfort to the patient. The resolution is better than MRA and can be used as a fast method for diagnosing cerebral aneurysms.

The third is cerebral angiography (DSA) performed under a digital subtraction angiography machine that requires catheterization of the femoral artery at the root of the thigh. DSA medical imaging is the most accurate method for diagnosing cerebrovascular disease with the highest resolution, which is the "gold standard." The disadvantage is that it requires arterial catheterization, which can cause some trauma.

II. Lepu DSA products have risen

In clinical practice, if there is a suspicion of cerebrovascular disease after MRA or CTA examination, especially when further treatment is needed, it is often necessary to use DSA examination for definitive diagnosis.

Previously, the Chinese vascular angiography X-ray machine market was dominated by imported brands. We found that there were very few domestic DSA manufacturers, and only three companies, including Lepu Medical, are known to have vascular angiography X-ray machines.

Now, Lepu Medical has grown into a global leading medical technology company in the fields of cardiovascular intervention, structural heart disease, arrhythmia management, anesthesia and critical care, extracorporeal diagnosis, and general surgery. Its products include coronary artery stents, balloon catheters, interventional accessories, occlusion devices, mechanical heart valves, electrophysiology catheters, pacemakers, extracorporeal diagnostic equipment and biomarkers, DSA systems, and surgical sutures.

Lepu Medical aims to become a large-scale global cardiovascular industry company that provides preventive, therapeutic, and rehabilitation products and solutions for patients with cardiovascular and related diseases. Welcome to inquire.