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What Are the Types of Catheters?

What Are the Types of Catheters?

Introduction of catheters

Catheter is a kind of medical device made of polymer materials that meet medical standards and is used to insert in the human body or outside body in the diagnosis or treatment of diseases. At present, according to the classification of the structure and design method of medical catheters, medical catheters can be divided into ordinary catheters and special catheters, among which special catheters include balloon catheters and catheters for other use.

Types of catheters

Ordinary catheter

It is usually a section of plastic catheter with a certain length, the front end is tapered to facilitate insertion into the blood vessel, and the tail end matches the tail end of the injection needle, which is convenient for connection with syringes and other instruments.

Special catheter

Usually its shape and structure are relatively complex, and the clinical scenarios used are relatively diverse.

  • Balloon catheters

Balloon catheters are the most widely used type of catheters, including ordinary double-lumen single-balloon catheters, double-lumen double-leaf balloon catheters, double-lumen three-leaf balloon catheters, and detachable balloon catheters, PTCA balloon catheters.

  • Other application catheters 

Other application catheters including guiding catheters, coaxial catheters, micro catheters, controllable direction catheters, atrial septal incision catheters, blood clot capture catheters, plaque rotational atherectomy catheters, and pacing electrode catheters.

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