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Rapid Antigen Detection Test Kit

Rapid Antigen Detection Test Kit

With the enhancement of people's awareness of health and chronic disease management, smart medical products have penetrated into every household, including the digital oxygen concentrator. Unlike household appliances such as air-conditioners and electric fans, the selection and use of digital oxygen concentrators are related to people's physical health.

Who needs to use a digital oxygen concentrator?

Digital oxygen concentrators are applicable to different groups of people according to the flow rate. They are generally divided into two major uses: health preservation and medical treatment. Those with a flow rate of 3L or below are mostly for health preservation, while those with a flow rate of 5L or higher are mostly for medical treatment. Specifically, oxygen concentrators are generally divided into 1L, 2L, 3L, and 5L.

The 1L and 2L oxygen concentrators belong to the health preservation type. When the air flow rate is adjusted to 1L/MIN, the oxygen concentration can reach 90%. The 3L and 5L oxygen concentrators belong to the medical type. When the air flow rate of the 3L concentrator is adjusted to 3L/MIN, the oxygen concentration can reach 95% or more. The 5L concentrator is generally used by two people simultaneously or with a breathing machine.

In addition to patients with hypoxia, people with coronary heart disease, pulmonary heart disease, asthma, bronchitis, and various chronic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, pregnant women, mentally intensive workers, students, and other exam candidates, residents and tourists in oxygen-deficient areas on high plateaus need to supplement their oxygen intake in natural environments.

It should be noted that excessive oxygen inhalation is toxic to all cells, and prolonged inhalation may cause "oxygen poisoning". Excessive oxygen intake also promotes aging, so oxygen inhalation should be carried out in accordance with personal physical conditions, medical advice, and time control.

How to choose a digital oxygen concentrator?

Generally, it is recommended that people purchase integrated metal structures with automatic warning filling molecular sieves oxygen concentrators. Patients with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases require higher performance from home oxygen concentrators. When purchasing, they should choose machines that can achieve standard medical indicators and continuous oxygen supply standards for a long time.

These people should mainly choose machines with large flow rates, which have cumulative timing functions and can calculate the service life of oxygen concentrators to provide objective and accurate data for long-term maintenance and service in the future.

For those with mild hypoxia and using oxygen for health preservation purposes, a 1L oxygen concentrator on the market is sufficient. For those with severe pathological hypoxia who need 24-hour oxygen for health care every day, they need to choose a digital oxygen concentrator with continuous oxygen supply for 24 hours and oxygen concentration alarm, which is generally a machine with a flow rate and oxygen concentration of 3L or higher. Specific use requires guidance from professional doctors.