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Disposable Arterial Blood Sampling Kit
Disposable Arterial Blood Sampling Kit

Disposable Arterial Blood Sampling Kit

Arterial Blood Sampling Kit is used to collect and store arterial blood samples for in vitro diagnostic tests.

Both normal type and safe type are available. 

Disposable Arterial Blood Sampling Kit Details

Product Description

Normal Type

• Two sampling methods: Preset Type (recommended) / Pumping Type

• The syringe plunger is made of anti-tear, high-elastic ventilated silicon membrane, which ensures its excellent sliding performance and reduce the leakage at the same time.

• The unique build-in ventilated plunger could expel the residual air automatically, then self-seal when touching with blood so that the blood sample could be sealed effectively.

• The special technique of heparin coating inside the syringe ensures the sufficient mixture of heparin and blood, providing more accurate result.

• The sealing cap design could seal the sampler completely, totally avoid test error caused by the mixed air, and provide better condition for sample's storage and transportation.

Safe Type

• Same syringe with normal type. Special structure makes the safety shield an integral part of the needle.

• Fully integrated shield offers enhanced safety for healthcare operators.

• Single-handed activation of the safety design provides simple and safe manipulation.

• After taking the blood sample, push or knock the shield gently to lock. The shield engages over the needle with an audible click and irreversibly locking, which avoids other people's injuries if the needle is exposed.

Product Features  

• Normal type and safe type available  

• Patented safety design  

• Anti-tear high-elastic ventilated silicon membrane  

• Built-in ventilated plunger  

• Preset (recommended) / pumping type available

Product Benefits

• Prevent needlestick injuries  

• Automatic sealing after air venting  

• Easy operation  

• Single hand operation for safe type  

• Compatible for blood gas analyzer 

Ordering Information

Syringe Catalogue NO.Syringe VolumeRecommended Sampling VolumeNeedle Ordering No.Needle Gauge
Needle LengthApplications
MM-BGSK-101.0mL0.6mL007-223222G32mmAdult femoral artery
MM-BGSK-202.0mL1.0mL007-222522G25mmAdult radial artery

Syringe Catalogue NO.Syringe VolumeRecommended Sampling VolumeNeedle Ordering No.Needle GaugeNeedle LengthApplications
MM-BGSKS-101.0mL0.6mL007-223222G32mmAdult   femoral artery
MM-BGSKS-202.0mL1.0mL007-222522G25mmAdult   radial artery

Notice: Each specification of syringe is compatible with four different sizes of needle.

*Product registration and availability vary by country. For more information on product availability, please contact us here.

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