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Types of Lepu Coronary Artery Stents

Types of Lepu Coronary Artery Stents

Today, Lepu Medical has developed into a global leading medical technology company in the fields of cardiovascular intervention, structural heart disease, cardiac rhythm management, anesthesia and intensive care, in vitro diagnosis and general surgery. Its products include coronary artery stents, dilated balloon catheters, interventional treatment accessories, occluders, mechanical heart valves, electrophysiological catheters, pacemakers, in vitro diagnostic equipment and biomarkers, DSA system and surgical stapler. As a professional medical stent company, what types of coronary artery stent products are there?

1. Neovas™ Sirolimus eluting bioabsorbable coronary artery stent system            

Product Description:

(1) Stent platform: fully degradable poly (L-lactide); Spatial sine wave structure, in-phase peak-valley connection.

(2) Drug coating: fully degradable poly (D, L-lactide); Effectively control the release rate of sirolimus.

(3) Drug: classical sirolimus with a dose of 15.3ug/mm; Inhibit the proliferation and migration of smooth muscle cells.

(4) Delivery system: the second generation rapid exchange balloon expansion catheter developed by ourselves; Excellent impetus and intersection.

2.  Nano+™ Sirolimus eluting coronary artery stent system without polymer            

Product Description:

(1) The nanopore cavity on the outer surface of the support rod acts as a drug carrier to ensure firm adhesion.

(2) Vacuum drug coating technology ensures the complete drug dose and coating stability.

(3) Post treatment after drug loading is conducive to sustained drug release.

(4)The soft tapered tip provides a smooth transition and excellent crossover from the guide wire to the balloon catheter.

(5) The short shoulder design at both ends of the balloon ensures the accurate expansion of the lesions and reduces the damage to the normal blood vessels near the lesions.

(6) The patented hydrophilic coating on the distal shaft provides excellent push ability.

(7) The polymer-free design significantly reduces the inflammatory response after stent implantation and ensures long-term safety.

(8) Polymer-free design facilitates earlier endothelialization, thereby significantly shortening dapt time.

(9) The rough surface of the stent contributes to earlier and easier endothelialization, thereby reducing the risk of thrombosis.

3. GuReater® CoCr Stent sirolimus eluting coronary artery stent system            

Product Description:

GuReater® is a CoCr drug-eluting stent covered with sirolimus, which is from Lepu, one of the cardiac stent companies. Its 75 μm CoCr stent provides superior flexibility and crossover to ensure good compliance after implantation.

4. Partner ® Sirolimus eluting coronary artery stent system            

Product features:

(1) Easy to locate and place;

(2) Optimal tissue stent;

(3) Excellent branch access;

(4) Crack-free bridging surface;

(5) Excellent drug release control;

(6) Scientific drug release period.

5.  H-stent™ Coronary artery stent system            

Product Description:

(1) The optimum stent thickness provides a good balance between radial force and deliverability.

(2) The double helix design ensures excellent flexibility and compliance.

(3) The large open unit design allows excellent side branch access.

Lepu Medical has become a global large enterprise in the cardiovascular industry, providing products and solutions covering prevention, treatment and rehabilitation for patients with cardiovascular and related diseases. We develop Lepu Medical into one of the largest suppliers of cardiovascular related products and services on the platform of medical devices, medicine, health products, health services and new medical model. As a cardiac stent company, we welcome you to consult.