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POCT Point of Care Testing

POCT Point of Care Testing

Wide range of POCT products lines covering Colloidal Gold Quantitative Analyzer, Fluorescence Immunochromatography Analyzer, Blood glucose/Ketone/Uric acid Meters, Cholesterol analyzer, Coagulation analyzer, Glycated Hemoglobin Analyzer, Dry Biochemical Analyzer, SARS and Cov testing kits, monkeypox virus testing kits, etc. Lepu Medical provide caring solutions and services of medical testing at or near the site of patient.

Types of POCT Point of Care Testing
Medical Devices

What is Point of Care Testing Products?

Point-of-care testing (POCT) is a new type of clinical test that is performed at or near the site of patient care. Point of care testing products are widely used in hospitals, primary healthcare facilities and professional public healthcare institutions worldwide. Point-of-care(POC)devices are known for their portability, convenience, speed, accuracy and sensitivity, which enables immediate analysis at the sampling site and saves valuable time for patients. As a leading point of care testing company, Lepu Medical provides a wide range of POCT products that can give quick feedback on multiple medical tests. Some of the point of care testing equipment support connection with matching mobile application and provide intelligent management and interpretation of test results.

Benefits of Using POCT Testing


small-size & light-weight with its own battery, suitable for a variety of application scenarios.


multiple tests at one time with immediate results.


connection with App for intelligent management of health data and diagnostic suggestions.

Dynamic Management

result storage function for easy assessment of health condition.

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