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Vicor-CV SWIFT Digital Subtraction Angiography System
Vicor-CV SWIFT Digital Subtraction Angiography System

Vicor-CV SWIFT Digital Subtraction Angiography System

Vicor-CV SWIFT Digital Subtraction Angiography System is a new angiography system independently developed by Lepu Medical Equipment (Bejing) Co. Ltd. In virtue of 20-year manufacturing experience and service experience for more than 300 users, we launch a new medical system featuring floor-mounted C-shaped arm rack and other mainstream accessories.

Vicor-CV SWIFT Digital Subtraction Angiography System Details 

Excellent and Stable Image

High-quality and wide-field smooth images to support accurate and efficient diagnosis clinically

  • Adjustable, and wide-field

  • New flat-panel detector

  • Multiple panel models

  • Panel-digitized dynamic range up to 16 bit

  • Accurate and clear details

  • Abundant image expansion function

Long-lasting and Efficient Performance

With outstanding performance, the equipment can easily and efficiently help physicians improve the accuracy and efficiency of interventional diagnosis and treatment.

  • 3.0M heat capacity bulb tube, having long-lasting and stable battery life

Safe Radiation Protection

  • Liquid-metal lubricated bearing to improve heat dissipation efficiency

  • HD image under stable and smooth operation

  • Accurate working of the collimator to effectively reduce scattered rays

  • Active radiation dose management and monitoring, and real-time and accurate recording of radiation dose and other information with RDSR during operation to realize effective supervision over the radiation dose

  • The function of the virtual collimator, to locate the checked site without X-ray egression

  • Multiple-dose models to meet different needs, and obtain high-quality images even with low dose

Vicor-CV SWIFT Digital Subtraction Angiography System

Vicor-CV SWIFT Digital Subtraction Angiography System

New Upgrade of DSA Low-dose Software Management Platform

Vicor CV Workstation

  • 64-bit Chinese interface, providing a user-friendly interactive interface

  • Accelerated real-time processing module with efficient GPU, and stable and reliable image

  • Supporting multiple image processing tools such as automatic measurement, ventricular analysis and QCA analysis

  • The real-time function of the virtual beam limiter, helpful to reduce scattered rays and improve the safety of both physicians and patients

  • Radiation dose report in compliance with IEC standard

  • Safety design in compliance with IHE equipment connectivity and network safety standard  

Vicor AngioExpert

  • Data transmission in compliance with DICOM3.0 and related standards

  • Supporting data storage and migration management

  • Efficient completion of vascular contour and morphological data analysis, and generation of QCA analysis report

  • Supporting dynamic correction of stent position to enhance stent visualization

  • Full-automatic seamless image splicing to expand diagnostic coverage and clearly display limb details

User-friendly Rack Design

Easy to Operate

The C-shaped arm features large space, full coverage, multi-axis combined motion, multidirectional rotation, fast positioning, and free manipulation, thereby simplilying the procedures for physicians.

Multi-operation Protection

Safe operation through triple protection.

  • Anti-collision warning system;

  • Collision braking device;

  • Motion limit.

Clinical Application in All Departments 

Vicor-CV SWIFT Digital Subtraction Angiography System

Stent Enhancement

As an image recognition technique, it is used to realize the motion compensation for the X-ray image to clearly and accurately display the fine structure of the stent, and help physicians immediately evaluate the release of the stent during the operation.

• This feature requires detailed consultation with sales


 Deep learning can be used to divide and reconstruct the coronary artery CTA, calculate the fractional flow reserve (FFR), and help physicians evaluate patients functional myocardial ischemia.

• This feature requires detailed consultation with sales

Swift 3D

 With the perfect 3D reconstruction function, VCV-Swift supports reconstruction techniques such as volume reconstruction (VR), multiplanar reconstruction (MPR), maximum intensity projection (MIP), and minimum intensity projection (MINIP). It has great advantages in analyzing the three-dimensional morphology and spatial relationship of blood vessels, and has great diagnostic value in interventional therapy for vascular system diseases, tumors, etc.:

1. It can avoid vascular structure overlapping, to make vascular images clearer and more accurate.

2. The three-dimensional relationship and tubal lumen structure between lesion sites and other normal tissues and organs can be observed at any angle.

3. The dosage of contrast agent, the time of diagnosis and treatment and surgery, and the exposure dose can be reduced.

4. Accurate measurement results can provide data for surgery and interventional treatment. 

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