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Types and Functions of the Medical Pressure Transducer

Types and Functions of the Medical Pressure Transducer

The medical pressure transducer is a pressure transducer specially designed for medical use. It is a transducer specially designed for medical use that can sense pressure and convert it into a usable output signal. (Because the commonly used pressure transducer is mainly made of piezoelectric effect, the pressure transducer can also be called piezoelectric transducer.)

1. Structural specifications of the medical pressure transducer

The medical pressure transducer adopts medical grade polycarbonate and polyvinyl chloride as the material of the transducer body and the pressure measuring connecting tube. The general packaging specifications are CH-DPT-248, CH-DPT-248Ⅱ, CH-DPT-248Ⅲ.

2. Types of medical pressure transducers

Commonly used medical pressure transducers include medical negative pressure vacuum system pressure transducer, vacuum compression bag transducer, medical air pressure transducer, non-invasive medical transducer, blood pressure transducer, arterial pressure monitoring transducer, arterial pressure transducer, invasive medical transducer, ion beam sputtering film Pressure transducer, disposable medical pressure transducer, biomedical pressure transducer, sphygmomanometer pressure transducer, pressure transducer for a medical infusion pump, pulse direction transducer/pulse transducer, disposable blood pressure sensor, tire pressure transducer, etc.

3. The role of the medical pressure transducer

Medical pressure transducers must be highly accurate and compactly packaged for easy portability, especially when the device is to be connected directly to the patient. If the transducer is used in a monitoring instrument integrated into a medical device, use standard packaging materials such as stainless steel and anodized aluminum. If the pressure transducer medical device is in direct contact with the human body or liquid, special autoclavable stainless steel or disposable transducers are available.

Medical pressure transducers are usually used to monitor the invasive blood pressure of the human body such as arterial pressure, central venous pressure, pulmonary artery pressure, and left coronary artery pressure, and directly obtain the physiological parameter of blood pressure, which is used for clinical diagnosis treatment and treatment of diseases. Prognosis estimates provide an objective basis.

Medical pressure transducers were used for bedload monitoring in the early days, and now small pressure transducers are applied to areas prone to human error, such as infusion pumps for drug delivery. In order to adjust the flow rate as accurately as possible and to facilitate monitoring by nurses at any time, pressure transducers are applied to infusion pumps. This transducer can accurately measure the weight of the infusion bag. When the liquid weight is different from the preset value, the transducer will immediately send a warning message to the connected device and communicate with the controller in time.

With the advancement of science and technology and the development of society, the application of medical pressure transducers has been greatly popularized, and the sensitivity and stability have been greatly improved, which allows doctors to have a better judgment on the patient's condition. And many hypertensive patients have such transducers at home to monitor the patient's blood pressure at any time.