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Disposable Non-phthalic Infusion Set with Needle
Disposable Non-phthalic Infusion Set with Needle

Disposable Non-phthalic Infusion Set with Needle



Safety Standards

GB/T 19001-2016 idt ISO 9001:2015

YY/T 0287-2017 idt ISO 13485:2016

Filter pore size



This product does not contain plasticizer DEHP, effectively avoiding the harm of DEHP Commonly used PVC infusion sets contain plasticizer DEHP, which accounts for about 30%-40%. The plasticizer DEHP can be precipitated and dissolved in the liquid during infusion and enter the human body. In particular, the infusion of alcohol-soluble, fat-soluble and anti-tumor drugs can accelerate its precipitation

Precise filtration

Imported nucleopore membrane, high filtration accuracy. Significantly reduce the incidence of infusion reactions (such as phlebitis, allergy, pyrogen-like reactions, etc.), and relieve the pain during infusion.

The harm of DEHP is as follows:

1.Reproductive toxicity and genotoxicity;

2.Nervous system injury;

3.Inducing diseases of the cardiovascular system;

4.Inducing cancer;

5.It is particularly harmful to infants,prepubertal men, pregnant and lactatingwomen. The country and relevantprovinces have issued announcements

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