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Disposable Precision Filter Light-Proof Infusion Set With Needle
Disposable Precision Filter Light-Proof Infusion Set With Needle

Disposable Precision Filter Light-Proof Infusion Set With Needle



Safety Standards

GB/T 19001-2016 idt ISO 9001:2015

YY/T 0287-2017 idt ISO 13485:2016

Filter pore size



1.This product does not contain DEHP, e_x001f_ectively avoiding the harm of DEHP:

Commonly used PVC infusion sets contain plasticizer DEHP, which accounts for about 30%-40%. DEHP can be precipitated and dissolved in the liquid during infusion and enter the human body. In particular, the infusion of alcohol-soluble, fat-soluble and anti-tumor drugs can accelerate its precipitation.

2.Low absorption to drug, improving the eectiveness of infusion:The traditional PVC infusion set has been proved to have a high adsorption eect on some drugs, especially alcohols, lipids and anti-tumor infusion drugs. Its high absorption can lead to inaccurate medication, reduced ecacy, prolonged hospitalization duration, and increased costs. The dripping pot and the inner layer of the tube are made of non-PVC materials, which have low absorption to the drug and can ensure the e_x001e_ectiveness of infusion.

3.Advantages of medical-grade TPU:The materials recommended by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), widely used in the clinical flied for nearly 60 years, safe and non-toxic;Good biocompatibility; low adsorption of the drug to ensure the effectiveness; good elasticity and resistance to flexure, easy to handle; low friction coecient on wet surfaces, dicult to produce air bubbles.

4.Double-layer structure to ensure the safety of infusion:The inner layer, in contact with the medical liquid, is made of TPU material to ensure the safety of the infusion; the outer layer is made of PVC material without plasticizer DEHP, which not only protects clinical nurses, but also facilitates the operations and maintains the physical properties of the original infusion set without changing the operating habits of the medical personnel. Imported light shielding agent is only applied in the outer layer, the product is safe and reliable, no transference, no decolorization. Light shielding agent does not contact with the liquid medicine, and will isolate the potential hazards. The light shielding range is 290nm-450nm,The light-proof rate is

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