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Angiographic Catheter with Precise Control

Angiographic Catheter with Precise Control

Ⅰ. The importance of angiographic catheter

The prevention and treatment of common complications of coronary angiography has always been the focus of the clinician's attention. Reducing the stimulation of the catheter to the blood vessels can significantly reduce the incidence of coronary spasm. The soft tip and the side hole design of the angiographic catheter can reduce the impact of contrast media on the coronary ostium and reduce the occurrence of serious complications such as the expansion of coronary ostium dissection, solve clinical problems immediately, and realize seamless connection from angiography to treatment, effectively shortening the clinical learning, and providing a strong guarantee for patient life safety.

Ⅱ. Excellent performance of angiographic catheter

1. Precise control

Different types of angiography catheters can be perfectly combined with the double-strand wire mesh braided structure, which significantly improves torque transmission, helps cope with complex anatomy such as the tortuous radial artery, and makes coronary angiography more convenient.

2. Efficient transportation

The body material of angiographic catheter is added with polymer, so the pushing process is smoother, the pushing force required is smaller, and it is easier to pass through narrow and tortuous parts to reach the best position, providing more efficient delivery and smoother experience for clinical operations.

3. Safe and non-invasive

The tip of the angiographic catheter is specially designed, which is more flexible and requires less force for deformation, reducing complications such as coronary ostium injury. Moreover, the visibility under the rays is enhanced to provide a stronger guarantee for clinicians to secure safety.