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Split-septum Luer Access
Split-septum Luer Access

Split-septum Luer Access

High flow rate split-septum design.

Split-septum Luer Access Details

  • High flow rate. Maximum flow rate reaches up to 540mL/min. It enable to transfer high viscosity nutrient solution and blood products with higher flow rate.

  • Excellent safety. Split-septum design guarantees no air gap at the edges of the split-septum Luer access, which allows the seamless joint with syringe to reduce infection. 

  • Effective drug delivery. The zero dead space and straight fluid channel avoid the residual blood and drug. 

  • Better visuality. Transparent design and tiny size make it easy to manipulate.

  • Multi-function. This access can be applied to blood sampling.

Ordering Information

Catalogue NoPositive Pressure or NotExtension Tubing Length (cm)

Provide Total Solution For
Patients With
Cardiovascular Disease
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