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Pressure-Resistant Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Kit
Pressure-Resistant Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Kit

Pressure-Resistant Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Kit

  • Flexible polyurethane material

  • Latex-free

  • Terminal valve design

  • Flexible Low Profile Junction Hub

  • Patented Connection Design

  • Multiple configuration optional

Pressure-Resistant Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Kit Details

Product Description

  • The high-pressure peripheral central venous catheter can be used for contrast agent injection, infusion, blood sample collection, central venous pressure monitoring, etc.

  • It has the advantages of CT high-pressure injection, high flow, anti-reflux, and multi-specifications and multi-configurations.

  • The specific package configuration options can be found in the following ordering information.

Product Features

  • Anti-reflux series can avoid the blood into the catheter lumen, reduce wall pipe and thrombosis occurs.

  • CT angiography high-pressure injection, the highest resistance 300 psi.

  • Multiple specifications and configurations are optional to fully meet the needs of clinical use.

  • Imported polyurethane material, which becomes soft after being inserted into blood vessels, has better biocompatibility.

  • The pipeline is flexible and elastic, easy to operate the catheter, and increase the comfort of patients after catheter indwelling.


  • 1 lumen (3F/4F/5F/6F)

  • 2 lumens (4F/5F/6F)

  • 3 lumens (5F/6F)

  • Catheter length: 30/35/40 /45/50/55/60/65 cm

Application Scope

  • Clinical via peripheral venous inserted central venous system in establishing a channel, short term and long term used for continuous or periodic liquid infusion (such as infusion therapy, medication, parenteral nutrition)

  • Injection of contrast media, clinical monitoring (such as critical patients rescue, CVP monitoring, etc.)

  • Rescue (emergency medication, emergency blood transfusion, infusion)

  • Blood sample collection (such as adults, children), patients with reliable venous access but without good peripheral availability, etc

Kit Componets


Ordering Information


*Product registration and availability vary by country. For more information on product availability, please contact us here.

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