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Pen Needles
Pen Needles

Pen Needles

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Pen Needles Details

Product Description

  • One needle one package, each needle is packaged independently, and the use of ethylene oxide sterilization needle, prevent the occurrence of the injection. Health issues, use more assured.

  • The needle tip is designed by drilling and cutting three bevels, which can reduce the trauma to the tissue

  • Fully automated production, more stable product quality

  • Automatic full inspection, smooth lubrication

  • The maximum piercing force at the injection end can be reduced by reducing the grinding Angle and increasing the length of the inclined plane. 0.7 N

  • Apply to 3 mL insulin cartridge

  • Compatible needle-based injection systems:  

Fert® Insulin Pen

Novo Nordisk series  

Humapen series  

Sanofi series  

Ypsomed series

Product Specifications

Pen Needles Details

Product Features

  • The needle of the insulin injection pen is composed of sealing film, needle seat, inner sheath, outer sheath and needle tube. The product is rigorous in composition and easy to use.

  • The  29G~34G  products have a  complete range of specifications and models, equipping with a needle tip ranging from 4 to 8 mm, which can meet the needs of various environments.

  • The film is medical dialysis paper, and the sheath and needle seat material is made of polypropylene. The product is practical and pollution-free.

  • The needle tube is made of stainless steel disinfected with ethylene oxide, which is sterile and safe.

  • Less painful, the product is comfortable and safe to use.

Scope of application

The product is used in conjunction with an insulin injection pen for subcutaneous insulin injection in diabetic patients.

It is compatible with various types of insulin pens marketing available, being universal and convenient. 

*Product registration and availability vary by country. For more information on product availability, please contact us here.

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