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How to Choose a Home Oxygen Concentrator?

How to Choose a Home Oxygen Concentrator?

Oxygen is of great significance to the human body. Like food and water, it is an important energy source for sustaining life.

With the continuous improvement and improvement of people's economic and living standards, the demand for health has gradually increased, and more and more people are also actively purchasing oxygen generators for home oxygen therapy or health care. However, how to buy a safe and reliable oxygen concentrator for home? Don't worry, today we will talk about how to avoid pits and choose a suitable and easy-to-use oxygen generator.

1. Types of oxygen concentrators for home

From a functional point of view, oxygen generators are divided into two types: health care and medical.

Health care oxygen generators are generally suitable for mental workers (such as students, white-collar workers), pregnant women, and normal elderly.

Medical oxygen generators are generally suitable for people with pathological oxygen intake (including patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, patients with respiratory system diseases, diabetic patients, etc.). Of course, medical oxygen generator also have health care functions.

2. Oxygen concentration of household oxygen generator

The oxygen concentration of the oxygen generator refers to the size of the oxygen content. In layman's terms, it is the purity of the oxygen output from the oxygen generator. Different oxygen generators have different oxygen concentrations.

In order to ensure that the machine has a long service life and has a therapeutic effect, it is recommended to choose an oxygen concentrator with an oxygen concentration of more than 90%.

3. Oxygen flow of household oxygen generator

Many people do not know what the 1L oxygen generator, 3L oxygen generator and 5L oxygen generator mean. In fact, it is the maximum oxygen flow per minute that the oxygen generator can provide under the premise of ensuring the oxygen concentration.

Take a 5L machine with an oxygen concentration of 90% as an example: when the oxygen flow is controlled at any flow rate within 5L/min, the oxygen concentration will be greater than 90%, and if the oxygen flow exceeds 5L/min, the oxygen concentration will not be greater than 90%.

The choice of oxygen flow rate during oxygen inhalation generally depends on the degree of hypoxia and the underlying disease of the oxygen inhaler. A 1-2L machine is usually selected for daily health care. Patients who need a oxygen concentrator for home for adjuvant treatment are advised to follow the doctor's advice and do not blindly purchase it by themselves.

4. The noise of the household oxygen concentrator

It is recommended that consumers choose an oxygen concentrator with noise reduction function and the noise is lower than 45-48 decibels, otherwise, it may affect the rest of individuals or others.

For long-term insomnia, anxiety and people who have high requirements for sleep quality, oxygen concentrators with lower noise can be used, and the selection should be based on individual needs.

5. The atomization function of the household oxygen concentrator

Especially patients with respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma, not only need oxygen to improve lung function, but also need atomization inhalation treatment at home, so you can consider choosing an oxygen generator with atomization function when purchasing a machine.

This not only makes home treatment more convenient, but also saves the time of repeated visits to the hospital and queues, and reduces the cost of medical treatment.

6. Brand manufacturers of household oxygen concentrators

At present, there are many kinds of oxygen generators on the market, and the quality is also uneven. Therefore, it is recommended to choose an oxygen generator manufacturer or brand with strong strength, good reputation and quality assurance when purchasing an oxygen generator.

It is best to have relevant qualifications such as US FDA certification, EU CE certification, etc., so that it will be more secure in product use and after-sales.

The small oxygen generator hides a lot of details to pay attention to. Finally, remind everyone: you must choose carefully when purchasing, and use it under the guidance of professionals or doctors.