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LF05A Oxygen Generator
LF05A Oxygen Generator

LF05A Oxygen Generator

  • Large-screen display

  • Built-in water tank

  • Remote control

  • With an atomizing function

  • Up to 11 alarm items

  • Hidden oxygen/atomizing nozzle, which is not easy to adhibit dust, and cleaner

  • Rear-cover storage box for storing remote control or nasal oxygen cannula

Oxygen Concentrator Generator Structural Composition

  • Guangshun high-quality high-power oil-free air compressor

  • French CECA imported molecular sieve for more lasting and stable oxygen generation

Unique Patent of Medical Oxygen Concentrator Generator

  • Condensate drainage design (patent)

The air compressor is designed with an inside condenser tube, in which the water condensed out of hot vapor from the air compressor is stored. Each time it is turned on, the high-speed airflow of the air compressor is controlled by a solenoid valve to spray the condensed water in the condenser tube through the atomizing port. After each shutdown, the high-speed airflow of the air compressor will also be controlled by the solenoid valve to blow out the moisture in the standpipe, which reduces the amount of moisture entering the molecular sieve tower and improves the oxygen production efficiency and life of the molecular sieve.

  • Porous muffler hose (patent)

The porous hose of the oxygen generator (such as made of silica gel) is designed in the inlet muffler box and the denitrogenation muffler box. When the airflow with louder noise passes through the small holes on the hoses, the acoustic energy will be largely converted into mechanical energy, thus reducing the noise emitted by the air compressor and the noise during denitrogenation.

Technical Parameters

Ordering Information

Oxygen concentration:≥ 90% (V/V) (percent by volume at 5 L/min)

Oxygen discharge pressure:

30-60 kPa (maximum pressure at the oxygen outlet)

Atomizing rate:

0.12 ml/min - 0.90 ml/min

Running noise:

≤ 60 dB(A)



Net weight:

≈ 16.5 KG

Rated voltage of oxygenerator body:

a.c.220V 50Hz
Classification of electric shock degree:

Applied parts of BF type

Electromagnetic compatibility:Class B, Group 1 according to GB4824
Classification of safety degree:Non-AP/APG type. Not suitable when the flammable anesthetic gas is mixed with air, or oxygen or nitrous oxide
Oxygen flow:1-5 L/min (adjustable)
Input power:450VA
Atomizing pressure:
Capacity of storage tank:

About 2 ml-8 ml

Service life:

5 years

Electric shock protection classification:

Class II

Degree of protection against liquid inlet:IPX0 unprotected equipment
Classification of running modes:Continuous running
Software version:V1.0

Catalogue No.LF05A

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