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Who Would Dare to Say That the Colloidal Gold Quick Inspection Product is Outdated After COVID-19?

Who Would Dare to Say That the Colloidal Gold Quick Inspection Product is Outdated After COVID-19?

After the large-scale novel coronavirus detection, the colloidal gold rapid test products play the important role, and it is not inferior to nucleic acid detection and magnetic particle chemiluminescence detection. 

1. Advantages of colloidal gold rapid test

When colloidal gold immunochromatography first emerged, some people predicted that this simple device would change the market of immunoassays. At the time we didn't think so. But later facts proved this prophecy. A new and simple colloid test mode is favored by the market with its extremely simple method.

Speaking of colloidal gold, the market for early pregnancy and ovulation testing is far beyond our imagination. In this era, as long as women of childbearing age, they will buy this OTC product from a pharmacy. This simple product boasts the super practicality and simple operation, only a few drops of urine are required, and the results are easy to understand, which can be said to be a classic of home diagnostic products. Early pregnancy detection can be said to be an outstanding representative of colloidal gold immunochromatography, which fully reflects the various advantages of colloidal gold rapid test.

As for the subsequent infectious disease testing, drug screening, and myocardial infarction testing, including the most eye-catching new coronavirus testing recently, they all reflect the distinctive features of the colloidal gold test, that is, simple operation, rapid results, and suitable for on-site testing.

All colloidal gold immunochromatography methods are based on the combination of chromatography and immunoreaction to present a quick and intuitive result. The result of reading is to observe the signal band with the naked eye. Although it is only a semi-quantitative detection mode, the judgment of certain indicators is very timely.

2. Colloidal gold antigen products

With the current increase in detection requirements, people can no longer be satisfied with this single qualitative detection, and have continuous requirements for detection sensitivity and accuracy.

As a result, various quantitative tests have emerged, such as fluorescence, luminescence, and magnetic particles. Fluorescent labeling greatly improves the sensitivity of the traditional colloidal gold test, and can even be comparable to radioimmunoassay. Equipped with a small and portable reading instrument, the bar code can set the internal standard curve, and the wireless transmission can transmit the results. The detection platform becomes information and data at once, and it becomes the favorite of POCT.

We cannot simply say that colloidal gold antigen products are obsolete or obsolete. I think the analogy of a car cannot be more appropriate: cars, SUVs, pickups and large trucks are all cars, but they are used in different scenarios, and different performance and features cannot be mixed together for comparison.

The diagnostic kit colloidal gold product is not designed for precise quantification. It is a product suitable for quickly determining whether a result is YES or NO. If the colloidal gold is rigidly designed for precise quantification, the product carries too much, it can only be said to be unnecessary.