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Introduction of Antimicrobial Central Venous Catheter

Introduction of Antimicrobial Central Venous Catheter

Lepu's Antimicrobial Central Venous Catheter is the first medicated central venous catheter market in China. Since its official launch in 2008, it has been used in millions of clinical cases.

Why It Is Recommended To Use Antimicrobial Central Venous Catheter?

In clinical practice, central venous catheter kit is commonly used to rescue critically ill patients with severe shock, dehydration, blood loss, and hypovolemia. Monitoring of central venous pressure can guide clinicians in diagnosing and treating patients, so it is often necessary to retain or prolong the indwelling time of the catheter. 

However, the operation time of central venous puncture is short, the patient's body resistance is low, immunity is weak, and trauma is large. With the widespread use of central venous catheters, the consequent infection rate has increased significantly, and the mortality rate of patients has increased. Clinically, central venous catheters have been listed as a common source of infection, so the choice of an Antimicrobial Central Venous Catheter with a bacteriostatic effect can reduce the incidence of infection in patients.


Benefits And Advantages of Lepu Medical Antimicrobial Central Venous Catheter

The disposable Antimicrobial Central Venous Catheter produced by Lepu medical equipment manufacturer is based on the traditional central venous catheter and is coated with two antibiotics, rifampicin and minocycline hydrochloride. Among them, rifampicin is a semi-synthetic broad-spectrum antibacterial drug of rifampicin. It has an inhibitory effect on aerobic gram-positive bacteria and aerobic gram-negative bacteria. Minocycline Hydrochloride is a semi-synthetic tetracycline broad-spectrum antibiotic with high efficacy and long-term effect. It has an inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus, etc., and Gram-negative bacteria. Combining these two drugs produces a complementary antibacterial effect, which can achieve an excellent antibacterial effect. It has been documented that the drug CVC can reduce the incidence of CRABSI by 90%. 

Lepu Medical's critical care products like the Antimicrobial Central Venous Catheter is available in various sizes and is suitable for different types of patients, providing more options for doctors. The connection between the catheter and the extension tube adopts the patented technology, which has solved the leakage and seepage problems of similar products on the market.

The clinical use of medicated central venous catheters can significantly reduce the incidence of infection in patients, which is also a new preventive measure to prevent infectious complications and unnecessary medical disputes. The Antimicrobial Central Venous Catheter produced by Lepu has the advantages of good design, safety, effectiveness, broad antibacterial spectrum, long antibacterial time, no allergic reaction, can reduce the application cycle of systemic antibiotics, and has high clinical application value.

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