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Humeral Interlocking Nail
Humeral Interlocking Nail

Humeral Interlocking Nail

Proximal Multiloc Screws (4.5mm) (gold)

  • Flat head design reduces the risk of screw penetration.

  • 4 suture holes in the tail can stabilize the attachment of the rotator cuff muscles.

  • Countersunk screws can reduce the implant protrusion.

  • Use with 3.5mm (green) locking screw self-tapping screws (screw in screw) can improve stability.

Multidimensional Fixation Of Proximal Humeral Interlocking Screw

Proximal locking hole can maintain the angular stability and reduce the screw withdrawal; the multi-plane interlocking option can reduce the implant swing.

Humeral interlocking screw(4.0mm) (Ascending screw)

Choice of ascending screw provides support for the medial calcar region.


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