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Precautions After Coronary Stent Surgery

Precautions After Coronary Stent Surgery

The incidence of coronary heart disease continues to increase. The coronary stent surgery started more than 20 years ago provides a safe and convenient minimally invasive method for the recanalization treatment of coronary heart disease. The curative effect is accurate and it can be called a revolutionary treatment method. However, the installation of coronary stents can solve the problem of vascular recanalization, but because the implanted stent is a foreign body, some other problems will follow, such as the incidence of thrombosis will increase, so corresponding treatment changes need to be made. Let's talk about what problems should be paid attention to after coronary stent surgery.

1. Restrict strenuous exercise within three months after coronary artery stent procedure

Try not to exercise vigorously for three months after coronary artery stent procedure, because after the coronary stent is installed, the vascular intima on the edge of the stent will proliferate and cover the stent. Before the stent is not covered by the intima, reduce the amount of activity. Try not to swim, run, etc.

2. Continue to control risk factors after coronary artery stent procedure

Don't stop the drugs that control the risk factors of arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Some people think that the disease will be cured after the coronary stent is installed, and all drugs can be stopped. This is a serious mistake, which will cause the disease to relapse, aggravate the disease and even be life-threatening.

3. The symptoms of ischemia after coronary artery stent procedure should be treated in time

If symptoms of chest tightness and chest pain occur, seek medical attention in time. And it is more likely to be caused by ischemia. It may be caused by spasm, restenosis in the stent, or thrombosis in the coronary stent. If symptoms occur, you can take a spare nitroglycerin tablet under the tongue.

4. Establish a healthy lifestyle after coronary artery stent procedure

Continue to use non-drug treatment as the basis to get rid of bad habits, especially smoking. Pay attention to low-salt and low-fat diet, maintain reasonable and adequate sleep, reduce the pressure of life and work, control emotions, and actively exercise.

5. Regularly follow the doctor's advice after coronary artery stent procedure

Follow the doctor's instructions to review regularly, generally 1 month, 3 months after surgery, and then every 3 months.