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MemoPart™ Snare
MemoPart™ Snare

MemoPart™ Snare


Great radiopacity, biocompatibility and shape memory ability

MemoPart™ Snare Detail

Product Description

MemoPart™ Snare is composed by Nitinol coated Tungsten coil and the Nitinol shaft, which provides great radiopacity, biocompatibility and shape memory ability.

Product Structure

MemoPart™ Snare

  • The snare rod is a PTFE sleeve with a nitinol wire

  • The snare circle is a wolfram-winded nitinol wire (version intended to be marketed; also named no steel sleeve snar

Product Features

Indications for Use

  • MemoPart™ Snare is a widely used device to:

  • Establish the femoral artery-vein loop

  • Retrieve the dislocated occluder

  • Retrieve stent or guide wire

  • Retrieve the blood filter

  • Help with control navigation, etc.

Product Performance

The MemoPart™ Snare is consist of snare rod and snare circle,the raw materials of snare rod is Nitinol wire and PTFE sleeve, and the raw materials of snare circle is Gilded tungsten wire and Nitinol wire, which shows an extended line shape when stretched and automatically restores to the original shape after the removal of the external force. Such performance guarantees the snare can be delivered into the heart defectparts through a smaller delivery sheath, and therefore it can be used for infants and youngchildren. The Snare is mainly used in combination with the MemoPart™ occluder system.

Ordering Information

MemoPart™ Snare

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