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Live lumpectomy in Anyuan County

Live lumpectomy in Anyuan County

On 15th, June, Lepu Medical and the senior expert team from Anyuan County People's Hospital showed a series of wonderful laparoscopic surgeries including right upper lung wedge resection, radical esophagectomy, thyroidectomy, holmium laser lithotripsy, TEP and ovarian cystectomy.

The live broadcast attracted thousands of doctors and colleagues online. The live broadcast allows colleagues to access the complete process of endoscopic surgery more intuitively and "experience" all aspects of the operation.



Lepu Surgery has been deeply involved in product optimization and medical academic exchanges. The live broadcast of surgery has broken through space constraints, allowing more doctors to have the opportunity to remotely participate in the live surgery observation by experts. In the future, Lepu Surgery will continue to work with major hospitals to carry out such live broadcast activities and contribute to the development of medical academics.