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Lepu Medical Carried out Special Screening for Chronic Diseases for People at Grassroots

Lepu Medical Carried out Special Screening for Chronic Diseases for People at Grassroots

In recent years, the mortality rate of chronic diseases among Chinese residents has remained high. According to statistics from the 2020 Report on Chinese Nutrition and Chronic Disease, the number of deaths from chronic diseases in China accounted for 88.5% of the total mortality in 2019, and chronic diseases have seriously endangered the health of Chinese residents. The "Outline of the Healthy China 2030 Plan" clearly states that it is necessary to implement a comprehensive strategy for the prevention and control of chronic diseases, strengthen the screening and early detection of chronic diseases, and achieve large-scale coverage of management interventions for patients with hypertension and diabetes. To further contribute to a "Healthy China," Lepu has used practical actions to enter the grassroots level, carry out special screening for chronic diseases, and help improve the services of grassroots institutions to residents with chronic conditions. At the sites in Shenzhen, Ningxiang, Hunan, Lanzhou, Gansu, and Yantai, Shandong, medical staff conducted free screening programs for chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes through Lepu's new-generation health all-in-one PC-700.

Healthy China--walking with AI. Lepu hopes to use more AI innovative technology to empower primary medical care and establish a good relationship between patients and doctors. Lepu is committed to comprehensively improving the level and quality, accelerating the development of primary medical and health services, and helping realize the "Healthy Chinese Dream" as soon as possible!

In the future, Lepu will also keep cooperating with local grassroots health service stations, promoting the contracting service of family doctors in grassroots institutions, and striving to create a basic medical and health service circle that is convenient and beneficial to the people, so that more residents can enjoy convenient, caring, continuous and professional health service!