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Dispsable Curved Cutter Stapler
Dispsable Curved Cutter Stapler

Dispsable Curved Cutter Stapler

Outstanding Performance Effective Operation 

Disposable Curved Cutter Stapler Details

Product Description 

Stapler Cutter

Product Features

  • Four rows of staples are curved arranged, with a curved cutting knife in the middle  

  • Enhanced visibility, easy to operate  

  • Narrow pelvis space, the curved cutting suturing is more beneficial to the surgery effect  

  • Complete cutting and suturing simultaneously, simplify the rectum remote cutting procedure  

  • Product sterilized and do not need to be sterilized before use 

Curved Cutter Stapler

Ordering Information

Code No.Suturing Length (mm)Number of Staples (mm)Staple Height (mm)

*Product registration and availability vary by country. For more information on product availability, please contact us here.

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