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Disposable Clip Applier
Disposable Clip Applier

Disposable Clip Applier

  • Occlude blood vessel and other tissue structures in the endoscopic surgery.

  • Up to 20 titanium clips hit continuously.

  • Used in small incision surgery and open surgery, occlude quickly.

  • Single use instrument to avoid cross infection.

Disposable Clip Applier Details


Suitable for occluding blood vessel and other tissue structures in endoscopic surgery or open surgery.

Features & Details

  • Super interlock clips

More secure fixation of clip to tissue provides greater ligation security.

  • Glare-resistant shaft and black jaw with clear clip window

Matte gray shaft minimizes endoscope clare, while clear window allows visibility to number of clips left in the catridge.

  • Safety-interlock design

Prevents jaw closing to damagethe tissue when the instruments is empty.


ModelSizeClip QuantityLengthDiameterCilp heightClip width
TQ-101020PCSGeneral lengthMax. deviationDiameterMax. deviationSizeMax. deviationSizeMax. deviation
471±1010±17.5士0 .25.5±0.12

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