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Disposable Endoscopic Articulating Linear Stapler and Cartridge
Disposable Endoscopic Articulating Linear Stapler and Cartridge

Disposable Endoscopic Articulating Linear Stapler and Cartridge

  • Standard/short type of endocutter device

  • Straight/rotatable type of cartridge

  • Four staple heights avail 

Disposable Endoscopic Articulating Linear Stapler and Cartridge Details 

Product Description 

Disposable Endocutter and Cartridge


Product Features

  • Each cartridge has six rows of staples to ensure the safety of endoscopic surgery.

  • Symmetrical ergonomic design allows the doctor to finish the surgery with the left and right hand independently.

  • With safety lock device to avoid the secondary trigger, ensure the safety of surgery.

  • Large front opening of cartridge makes the tissue easy to enter.

  • Ultrathin anvil allows the tissue to enter smoothly without bigger separation gap, reduce tissue damage.

  • The same instrument can use cartridge of all models, reduce the surgery complexity.

  • The instrument can change components in one surgery, reduce medical costs.

  • Sterilized product, ready for direct use.

Product model:

  • Two cartridge types, A-type(standard endocutter), B type(short endocutter)

  • Three effective cutting length: 30mm, 45mm, and 60mm

  • Four staple heights: 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, and 4.8mm

Applicatios & Contraindication

  • Scope of application: Suitable for tissue cutting under open operation or laparoscopic surgery including lungs, stomach and intestines

  • Contraindication: gastrointestinal submucosal edema, over thick muscular layer, poor healing capability, cancerous tissue residue in the end 

Ordering Information

Catridge ModelCatridge ColourStaple Effective Length (mm)Staple Height (mm)Closed Staple Height (mm)
JQZ-30-2.0/ JQD-30-2.0Grey3020.75
JQZ-30-2.5/ JQD-30-2.5White302.51
JQZ-30-2.0/ JQD-45-2 .0Grey4520.75
JQZ-45-2.5/ JQD-45-2.5White452.51
JQZ-45-3.5/ JQD-45-3.5Blue453.51.5
JQZ-45-4.0/ JQD-45-4.0Golden4541.75
JQZ-45-4.8/ JQD-45-4.8Green454.82
JQZ-60-2.5/ JQD-60-2.5White602.51
JQZ-60-3.5/ JQD-60-3.5Blue603.51.5
JQZ-60-4.0/ JQD-60-4.0Golden6041.75
JQZ-60-4.8/ JQD-60-4.8Green604.82

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