Health Consultation Center

Lepu Online Hospital is a telemedicine service platform which specializes in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. With Beijing Lejian Clinic as the stronghold, and with the up-to-date interconnection technology, Lepu Online Hospital has contracted with many domestic medical experts, and has its service reach to more than 1,000 grassroots cities and counties. Through cooperation with local pharmacies, clinics and hospitals to build the independent clinics, Lepu Online Hospital overcomes the regional barriers to provide patients the video counseling, professional diagnosis and other services.

Online Pharmacy

Lepu Homecare Pharmacy is a legal online pharmacy certified by State Food and Drug Administration. With “take care of family’s health" as the service mission, Homecare Pharmacy provides health products, medical service and health financial plans that suit for all family members.Homecare Pharmacy not only has the online platform with a variety of products, but also has the convenient local stores. With the high-quality physicians and featured one-stop services such as rehabilitation management, medication advice and genetic testing, Lepu Homecare Pharmacy provides professional and advanced pharmaceutical products and services in the field of chronic diseases management.

Homecare Pharmacy——Mobile

Internet Community

PCI Postoperative Management—Patient Internet Community

The mobile App, PCI Postoperative Management, is the world's first professional platform for post PCI rehabilitation management. It offers patients the most convenient way for the professional and personalized solutions of post stenting rehabilitation.
The main features of the App include postoperative knowledge, online counseling, telephone counseling, medical lectures and rehabilitation encyclopedia, etc. It can help patients get through the postoperative rehabilitation period.

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Heart Failure Management—Patient Internet Community

Heart Failure Management is the world's leading health management platform for heart failure patients. Patients can effectively monitor the disease indicators at home by using the Heart Failure Management App and the intelligent testing devices developed by Lepu. While the patients’ life quality can be significantly enhanced. Heart Failure Management is equipped with professional physician team that there are built-in lectures to provide remote consulting service and testing data cloud storage service.

Congenital Heart Disease Management—Patient Internet Community

Congenital Heart Disease Management is the world's first postoperative management platform for structural heart disease, it provides more comprehensive functions of rehabilitation management. Through this App, patients can not only communicate with the professionals in real time, but also make appointments for the review, moreover, they can record their health files at any time to effectively improve the user experience of health management.

Blood Glucose Management—Patient Internet Community

Blood Glucose Management is the diabetes health management expert in the age of cloud service. This App applies the precision detection and cloud service to provide diabetic patients with professional blood glucose monitoring and disease assessment report, so as to help patients control sugar scientifically.

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Postpartum Care Center—Patient Internet Community

Postpartum Care Center is a comprehensive service platform focusing on maternal and infant health. It underlines the solutions to the various problems encountered during the month of confinement, and provides professional services to help mothers and children in coming through the puerperium successfully. At the same time, the platform provides service and knowledge cover the stages of preparation, pregnancy and childcare. It provides users professional knowledge, online consultation, offline services, community and online store.

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i Xin Zang—Patient Internet Community

The i Xin Zang App has been on the market. It provides wearable medical equipment, homecare service platform and holter monitoring through the subsidiaries include E-care Century, Jinweijie Technology and Yocaly Enterprise.

Department Assistant—Internet Community

Department Assistant is specially developed for the medical field. It can be applied on the WeChat. It not only provides the latest information of medical care, but also provides the beds usage of a department in the hospital.

Household Medical Equipment


Lenew 800 Analyzer—Intelligent Medical Equipment

Lenew 800 Analyzer is an intelligent detector for cardiac biomarkers, which is matched with the Heart Failure Management App. It can help patients monitor heart failure indicator, NT-proBNP, at home by transmitting the data with Bluetooth. The heart failure patients can monitor and manage this indicator at any time at home.

iHolter—Intelligent Medical Equipment

iHolter is the world's first heart real-time remote monitor with adaptive analysis and early warning functions, It passed the three-year clinical trial, and accepted by professionals with highly accurate data. iHolter can manage the whole process of cardiovascular disease of patients in large-scale. It is suitable for early screening and long-term real-time remote monitoring. It can automatically capture the abnormal ECG, and send early warnings to the data cloud platform and data service center. iHolter reduces the occurrence of emergency, and helps patients with timely treatment.

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“One-Button” Call Forwarding Terminal—Intelligent Medical Equipment

“One-Button” Call Forwarding Terminal is a secure smart calling device designed for seniors. This terminal can provide first aid, life services and health counseling based on the health data by pressing the button at home. It helps the elderly quickly respond to emergency situations to protect them effectively. Currently, this service system has covered Haidian District, Beijing to provide intelligent care service for the seniors over 80 years old.

Poctor 880 Glucometer —Intelligent Medical Equipment

Poctor 880 Glucometer is a new generation of "smart blood glucose meter" which is connected to the mobile phone via the earphone jack to match the mobile Blood Glucose Management App. It can not only achieve the traditional blood glucose meter measurement capabilities, but also accurate numerical records, data analysis, health reminders and results sharing, to provide professional, personalized, and real-time health management programs for the patients.

Poctor 800 Glucometer—Intelligent Medical Equipment

Poctor 800 Glucometer can achieve rapid detection within 8 seconds by assisted with the professional silver electrode test strips. The equipment has the following characteristics: first, easy to use, plug in or out the test strip can automatically switch the machine on or off; second, high accuracy, consistent with the accuracy of hospital biochemical analyzer; third, large storage capacity, 200 sets of data memory and 3 years long standby.

Smart Sphygmomanometer—Intelligent Medical Equipment

The Smart Sphygmomanometer can play soothing music automatically to relieve patients’ emotions during measuring, so that to achieve more accurate result. It also has the voice broadcasting function to make user know the result without reading the meter.

Wrist Sphygmomanometer—Intelligent Medical Equipment

The Wrist Sphygmomanometer with large LED display screen is compact and lightweight, and easy to carry. Its intelligent automatic pressure function can relieve the constriction on arm caused by blood pressure measurement, so that the measurement results are more accurate. It can also detect the arrhythmia effectively, and give early warnings of heart disease.